Clay Siegall Helps Spread Positive and Interesting News Stories to His Readers

The internet is without a doubt a beautiful place. No other invention has provided human beings with such a platform to not only learn about anything at all but also serve as a platform to spread awareness about pressing issues. Though with all its beauty the internet can get dark very quickly as news sources and blogs can distort stories to suit their agendas as well as suppress news that is unfavorable. In the age of “fake news” and spin finding accurate and engaging articles to enhance your own understanding of the world can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. At times even the best publications can fall prey to misinformation.

That is why it is so important that individuals learn to curate posts and information in a responsible way.

One man doing his best to help people find new stories that are not only informative but eye opening as well is Clay Siegall. A quick glance at this blog’s curated content shows article after article of quality content that might have otherwise gone unknown to his subscribers. It is no secret that Dr. Siegall is a fan of the amazing work being done over at NPR’s web content division. The talented journalist and reporters at NPR have been known to produce well thought out pieces that capture news from around the world.

Though who is the man behind the well-curated news stories helping promote healthy discussions about the most pressing issues facing our society?

Clay Siegall is the man behind the company Seattle Genetics, the company that was once called the needed shake up to modern big pharma woes. Founded in 1998, Seattle Genetics has been the platform in which some of Clay Siegall’s greatest achievements have been made, achievements that not only brought growth to the company he started but helped untold numbers of individuals fighting against cancer.

The work accomplished by Clay Siegall at Seattle Genetics taken into consideration with the content on his blog paint a picture of a man who not only has learned to succeed but cares deeply about his fellow man.

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My White Shark Media Review: Read All About It

Since I began working with White Shark Media, my business has grown considerably and my stress decreased magnificently. This company was recommended by a business associate who jumped on the bandwagon two years prior. Once I spoke to an agent with the company, I knew that I’d found what I had been looking to find in a digital marketing company.


White Shark Media is easy to work with. My representative is like an old friend, and we often share many laughs with one another. In my eyes, it is pretty special to share such an experience with a business associate. I never worry about getting lackluster service, so it is great to have fun while being without worry of what is going on with my company.


The costs of the WSM service is reasonable. The last company that I worked with charged double the price, but provided me half the results. My business customer base has grown 35% in these few months, and my profits continue to increase daily. I love these big numbers and the success that is now coming my way.


White Shark Media has exceeded my expectations the entire five months I’ve been a client. It is great to find a company that cares so much about their customers and who is willing to go above and beyond to cater to my needs. It is about time that a company truly understands the customer is what makes them tick, and treats them as such a valued commodity.

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Growth And Asset Management With Richard Blair

One of the best things for people to do is find ways to grow their assets and manage them. This is really tricky for people who do not have extensive knowledge about the financial markets. One thing that happens is that people try their hand at making some kind of investment only to have it fail on them.

As a result, they decide that it is not worth the time to make investments. Often times, they try to discourage others from making investments as well. They conclude that investments are not something that is worth getting into. As a result, they miss out on the success that could be had if they would’ve taken the time to learn what they need to know in order to succeed.

Fortunately, there are other options. One can gain the help of people that have knowledge of the markets and have succeeded greatly in their attempts at making a lot of money.

There are a lot of financial advisers who have a lot of experience and knowledge about the market. For one thing, they can let people know about the changes that are coming in the market so that they can know whether or not to take the risk involved in making the investment.

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is one of the financial experts that people would benefit from. They get help with any aspect of the investment and financial aspect of their lives. Richard Blair is passionate about education when it comes to finances.

He has taken the time to educate himself on how the market works. He knows how to maximize his gains and minimize his losses. He knows how to determine whether or not it is a good idea to go ahead and take the risk. He uses this knowledge and shares it with his clients so that they can have a better chance at making the profits that will help them live a more comfortable life into retirement.

Richard also wants to educate people on the workings of the market so that they will know what to look for in a winning investment.

Try the EOS Four Pack for a Great Blend of Flavors

The Evolution of Smooth, commonly known by its acronym EOS, has become a favorite lip balm around the planet after its introduction just under a decade ago. Since then EOS lip balm has amazed customers with their high quality lip balms based on ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil that help to protect the lips from dry air and protects the moisture generated by your lips.

Many people know EOS by its unique applicator orbs that stand out on store shelves of Target and Costco and come in a variety of colors and flavors. EOS has so many different colors and flavors that it can be hard to choose the right blend for you. But you need not choose just one flavor with a great new offering by the brand.

A great four pack combo from EOS hit on all cylinders with creative well balanced flavors. The four pack contains a summer fruit, honeysuckle honeydew, sweet mint, and vanilla bean flavor and helps to provide a great mix of flavors that can be applied for any situation.

Many variety packs don’t contain interesting and unique flavors that appeal to every day use. This EOS pack contains a great combination of some of EOS’ best flavored lip balms ( and works well as a combo pack. If you are in the mood for a fresh and clean mint flavor you can choose that when you wake up in the morning, while a summer fruit is great for an afternoon application. Vanilla bean is great for nighttime, while the honeydew flavor is so mellow and subtle that it works in virtually every situation.

Further, these flavors contain vitamin E and C and helps to protect your lips. The pack is mostly organic and all-natural and contains anti-oxidants while keeping your lips smooth and moisturized, even in the most extreme conditions.


Securus’ Leadership in the Technology Industry Confirmed Through Customers Responses

Securus Technologies have been on the forefront in the use of technology to prevent crimes in correctional facilities across the U.S. The tech firm came in to help save the situation at a time when inmate-on-inmate and all sorts of crimes were the order of the day in these facilities. They brought with them the technological innovation and expertise, developing law enforcement products for jail and prison officials on a weekly basis.

Securus Appreciated

When crime takes root in correctional facilities, the spiral effect is felt by the officials and the families of the jailed persons. When the facilities are safe, all the stakeholders must feel safe as well. For this reason, the efforts made by Securus cannot go unnoticed. In October last year, CEO Richard Smith announced that on behalf of his team at Securus Tech, he had received letters and emails of appreciation from all over America. Securus sampled some of the messages and posted them online for their clients, potential investors, and competitors to see.

Sample Letters

One of the letters was sent from a company, which had successfully used the technology developed by Securus to identify a corrupt officer in their firm by tracing the officer’s mobile phone conversations.

Another letter from a prison official described how he tapped on a conversation between a drug dealer and an inmate, where the two were discussing on drug supplying deals within the jail. Thanks to Securus Tech, the officer successfully thwarted a possible drug syndicate within the facility.

Another officer narrated of how he had used a technology device from Securus to tap into an inmate-to-inmate conversation where two siblings who had been taken in as shooting suspects were discussing what they would say during questioning. The officer says that evidence collected will be a valuable lead that will go a long way in helping the authority to get to the bottom of that matter.


Bob Reina with Talk Fusion and MarTech Advisor

The founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has made a solid return as a guest author at MarTech Advisor. Recently, Bob posted his second guest article in the homepage of MarTech Advisor. The article was titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017“, and it highlighted the fastest-developing video techniques and styles of 2016 as well as their functions in 2017’s marketing realm. MarTech Advisor requested and currently hosts the unique post, which is among the top ten publications that have been read and shared, according to Forbes, by various chief marketing officers in their social network.


Bob Reina posited that he was overwhelmed and glad to share his insights and vision with the affluent readers of MarTech Advisors to help them develop via the medium as well as learn why and how to incorporate video into their marketing strategies. As the owner and the progressive power behind Talk Fusion, Bon pitches product thoughts to the firm’s IT professionals, based on market analysis, consumer trends, and videos’ growing popularity. In the post, Bob describes the video as the most valuable asset an advertiser has. The information on Reina’s article is entirely beneficial to the audience of MarTech Advisor, including sales and marketing professionals.


Bob Reina is the force behind Video Email, one of his successful products of 2014, and he leveraged his forecast on videos’ potential in the marketing arena. For the past years, videos have been highly incorporated by many enterprises of all sizes, all over the globe. Bob Reina posted that he returned to MarTech Advisor to share and propagate vital tips for video execution, and more significantly, why people should utilize videos as well as make readers capitalize on the 2017’s massive trend.


Talk Fusion has been depicted as the home of the first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution in the world. Talk Fusion is committed to assisting businesses to have the upper hand in competition by ameliorating their sales and profits as well as keeping their clients flowing back. Talk Fusion provides dynamic means to make marketing more memorable, engaging, and persuasive with video. Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007, and it propagates an active commitment diving back to friends, family, communities as well as animal charities all over the world.

Avi Weisfogel – The Dental Solution Finder

Avi Weisfogrel has been associated with the cosmetic dentistry industry for many years. He is also the owner and cofounder of Dental Sleep Masters which is a company that has established to help dentists through the use of oral appliances enter into the world of sleep disorders. The company is into providing treatment methods for sleep, snoring, apnea and other sleep related disorders.


He has a BA in Biology and graduated from New York University College of Dentistry. It has been over 21 years he has been practicing dentistry and has been awarded with numerous accolades as best dentist over many years. During this time he has also got himself into helping patients with sleep apnea and has an extensive background in sleep treatment and sleep disorders.


He has been practicing dentistry at Old Bridge Dental Care, New Jersey. He has a lot of knowledge about sleep apnea and at DSM, physicians and sleep physicians along with dentist can provide clinical support who are suffering from sleep apnea.


Avi spent first his 15 years of his career practicing dentistry but he was always fascinated with the world of sleep medicine only however He believes in continuous learning to consider himself evolving while his interaction with clients. He established Healthy Heart Sleep, a company which advises on establishment and management of sleep labs.




Avi Weisfogel was born in New Jersey and has been living in New Jersey for almost all his life. His father is a cardiologist. Avi is a father of six children and enjoys interacting with people across the world where he learns from their ideas.

Stephen Rotella: Legendary Financial Advisor



Stephen Rotella heads financial and cash management titans, StoneCastle LLC. He attained an undergraduate degree in Economics in 1975 from the University of New York, Stony Brook. He furthered his academic credentials by receiving a postgraduate degree in Finance and Information Systems from the Albany campus of the University of New York three years later.


Early Career


Stephen’s first job was in the retail brokerage, consultations, and mutual funds industry. While serving at Chase Advisory, he issued loans to persons who were often overlooked by other lending institutions. This gesture demonstrated his benevolence.


Owing to over three decades experience in the finance sector, Stephen has served in prominent firms in different capacities. His service portfolio includes institutions such as Ballet Met, Washington Mutual, and Chase Advisory. Rotella has unmatched expertise in retail marketing, asset management, online banking, and much more.


Washington Mutual, Inc.


Stephen’s career took a meteoric rise when he was appointed president and chief operating officer of Washington Mutual in 2004. He had to step down from his role as the executive at JP Morgan Chase, a global financial service provider. The job at Washington Mutual vested Stephen with authority to oversee the mortgage and local sections of the firm. Moreover, he would also supervise the commercial and technology departments, as well as be in charge of daily operations.


Due to his high ethics and extensive experience in the industry, Stephen was the favorite for the job. Washington Mutual’s ownership stated that the appointment of Rotella signifies the franchise’ determination to hire the cream of the crop in the market. This selection would play a big part in reaching the desired goals, according to Washington Mutual owners.


Stephen held the position for three years, before leaving in 2008.


StoneCastle Cash Management LLC.


Another step up in the ladder of Stephen’s career was the appointment to StoneCastle Cash Management in 2011. The New York- based institution is the jack of all trades in investment solutions, providing cash management, banking services, financial advice among other services.


Stephen Rotella brought massive development to the firm. One notable action was the acquisition of Intermedium Financial’s deposit sweep business. This deal made StoneCastle the leading provider of insured deposits to institutional investors. Additionally, customers experienced smoother transactions while the firm enjoyed an upscale in its distribution network.


Technology and Fashion

There are many people today who are excited about the advances in technology within the fashion industry. More than ever before, you can really start to be in style while also having the newest fashion trends. With all of the changes, it can be hard to keep up. One of the most well-known fashion trends is to have health information up to date on your wearable devices. There are various companies that have had success in this area. Not only that, but you can start to see the new areas in which this could be a good idea. If you want to start being in style, learning the newest technology is a great place to start.


Chris Burch


From the time he started out in business, Chris Burch has always been the type of person to concentrate on innovation. There are many people who are willing to pay more for the newest technology. With that in mind, companies must start to invest in new products and services to offer to customers. There are many people who are excited about the changes that are coming out in this area. If you can start to have success at a high level, you will understand what the craze is all about. Customers today are more nimble than ever bore in what they want out of companies. If you are ready to start servicing them the right way, you need to figure out one of the best ways to get the new technology that you need.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Chris Burch is a leader within the industry. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that he is implementing within this business. After all of the investments over the years, he is now starting to see the positive results from his work. Not only that, but he truly cares about the customers that he is working with. If you want to take your business to a new level, Chris Burch is the person to model yourself after. He has done a great job of growing his market share within the industry, and there are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that he is proposing within this business for the future. Wearable technology is a trend in fashion that will not be going away any time soon, so you need to take advantage of the demand for these products while you can.




Equities First Is Responsible For The Next Generation Of U.K. Leaders

Equities First specializes in building community leaders in the U.K. This is accomplished by a simple borrow and pay back system.Individuals, believing they have a calling to be community leaders, can borrow money from Equities First. Equities First finds lending solutions from people of all backgrounds and with all different desires.

When an individual wanting to become a community leader borrows money, they can use that money to take classes for community building. Equities First has a list of community building learning programs for all cities. This type of program will help the borrower know everything involved in taking on this role. This type of program is usually completed in a couple of months, and students attending this type of program usually receive some sort of certificate and maybe even several college credits.After the program is completed, the borrower can use the rest of the money to actually start his/her dream. Equities First will assist with this entire process; this includes helping locate the best facility at the lowest price and in the best area. There is even help for finding volunteers to help with the facility, volunteers to help raise money, and much more.Also Visit :

The best part about this offer from Equities First is the pay back stipulation. The stipulation reads that Equities First will do all it can to find the most grant money before the borrower pays back a dime. This kind of grant money can be found through the government, from people in the community, and many other ways. Equities First will write grant letters and meet with people face-to-face on behalf of the borrower. There have been some successful situations where the borrower did not have to pay back a dime. Of course, Equities First aims for this to happy with every borrower in this type of situation.