Achievements Of Bob Bull In RoyaleLife

Bob bull is a serial entrepreneur who believes in helping his clients get affordable housing when attaining the age of 45 years while at the same time giving them financial flexibility. He is the CEO of RoyaleLife firm, headquartered in Whiteley, Hampshire. The firm’s gated communities, projects are conveniently located by the coast side of the countryside in the UK, providing residents with all amenities they require.

Under the leadership of Bob Bull, RoyaleLife has registered significant growth over the years. Currently, the firm has over 60 completed projects with more than 30 projects at different stages of completion.

Bull attributes his success in the company to several factors. It starts with instilling confidence in his employees. All employees are treated equally and given chances to share their ideas and insights on what can be done best for the company’s success. He is always quick to provide an ear to the employees and look at things from different perspectives.

Inspiration is also vital at RoyaleLife. Bob Bull sets an excellent example for his staff. He is always the first to arrive and leaves not early than 7:00 PM. He appreciates employees for their ideas as he understands that the best ideas can come from unexpected sources.

Another factor behind the success of the company is the Home Part Exchange scheme. The program allows clients to retain a 100% difference between the value of their own home and that of RoyaleLife’s purchase. So, if your $300000 house is exchanged for a $200000 bungalow, you will get a new fully furnished home and an extra $100000 cash.

Giving back to the community is an essential aspect to Bob Bull. With the rise of the corona pandemic, he made more than 20 homes available for medical professionals leading the fight against the disease. He is also a member of Neighborhood Program Winners, who rode more than 205 miles to raise funds for a children’s charity. Refer to this page for additional information