Alex a Molinaroli Says Trusted Career Moves Made Him Successful

Former Johnson Controls CEO Alex A Molinaroli served in a variety of leadership roles over the years. Over his 30 plus year career, he found his own unique way to navigate success. Not only did he lead the company through a difficult transitional period, but he also helped the brand establish a footprint in Asia. In a recent interview, Molinaroli divulged the five career moves that helped him along the way:

Focusing on Sales

In his early years, Alex A Molinaroli served as a Johnson Controls sales lead. He says his ability to become a better listener is something he learned in sales.

“Listening is a valuable, authentic skill that one cannot fake. It is a very important part of the communication process.”

Be Your Own Boss

Learning how to start your own business is a great way to learn the business essentials. It really doesn’t matter what type of business it is. It’s an opportunity to work with clients and keep your own books.

Gain a Global Perspective – Molinaroli encourages people to get a passport and travel to other countries. Learning about other cultures is a great way to understand their goals.

“Being exposed to other cultures can be an eye-opening experience. While this may not be great for all people, I think most would benefit from it.”

Alex A Molinaroli says understanding the mindset of other people has its advantages. It’s like a chess match where the two players are attempting to outmaneuver the other.

Realize No Man Is An Island

Good leaders have good team members; you cannot have one without the other. What you learn in your time as a team member, can be transitioned into your role as a leader.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Once you make them, learn from them and move on.

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