NuoDB: A New Database System

The database industry has seen the rise and fall of many technologies. NuoDB is amongst those companies who are on the rise. NuoDB is an SQL-oriented database management system. It preserves the qualities of SQL databases and features a method of scaling out in cloud systems. With this availability to scale-out, the overall NuoDB cloud technology becomes much faster.

The databases comprise of inessential tiers of transaction engines and storage managers. As a result, this method helps creates a sense of predictability in the cloud. In order to increase the database, the transaction engines and storage managers will also have to be increased. In contrast to other database systems, NuoDB only requires the expansion of the server opposed to a replacement of the hardware.

There are many versions of NuoDB cloud technology, including a “Community Edition” or the free developer version. Its technology has been used by companies such as Kodiak, UAE Exchange, and Alfa Systems. As of January 2017, NuoDB runs on version 2.6.

Capital Group’s CEO Faults Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy

The past few years have seen an increase in the intra-industry argument on mutual fund investments versus passive index investments. Warren Buffet recently joined the discussion by encouraging investors to choose passive index investments over active investments. He even laid a wager of $1 million to charity to prove that by investing in low-cost S&P 500 fund he can earn more than hedge fund managers. Though Mr. Buffet’s strategy has proven hold for many years, Tim Armour, the CEO of Capital Group, believes there are exceptional hedge fund managers and that Mr. Buffet’s investment strategy has its limits.

Tim Armour agrees that there are many exploitative and mediocre active funds resulting into poor long-term returns. But he points out the apparent underestimation of the opportunity costs and volatility risks of passive index funds. Tim explains that unlike mutual fund investments, passive investments expose investors to 100% losses during down markets. Unfortunately, these risks are unknown to many investors hence the huge preference. He notes that any sensible investor would prefer the option that can withstand market downturns. Moreover, Tim says the discussion should focus on delivering the best long-run returns on investment rather the current active versus passive approach.

In an industry field with uncertainties and average managers, Tim Armour believes that finding the best active fund managers is the key to guaranteed better investment returns in the long run. The manager should be able to research and determine current and future opportunities. Above all, the best manager is one who has invested in the fund too and so earns his keep.

Tim Armour has been the CEO of Capital group since 2015 after the death of James Rothenburg. The Los Angeles-based company is the second largest capital fund manager in the world after Vanguard Group managing over $1.4 trillion assets. Tim observes that the recent post-Trump market shift has led to the lowest interest rates consequently derailing real estate and utility sectors. In addition to over three decade’s experience of Tim Armour, Tim Armour holds an MBA from Columbia University and a degree in economics from Middlebury College.

Richard Smith’s Success in the Prison Technology Industry

Richard Smith otherwise commonly referred to as “Rick” is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies and has held the position since 2008. The for-profit organization was founded back in 1986, and it delivers telephone services to most prisons and correctional facilities around the United States. To date, the company offers employment to over 1000 employees.

Richards’ previous positions prepared him well for the CEO position at Securus Technologies. For nine years, he had been the CEO of Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he had escalated the company’s revenue from less than $ 50 million to well over $ 350 million. His record was also impressive for all the positions that he had previously held. Some of the fields he had worked before in include IT, business development and finance. Visit for more info.

The 65 years of CEO did his MBA and master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Rochester, and before then, he had done his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the State University of New York. Since he became the CEO of Securus Inc., the company has invested in many technologies and patents in prison technology. These have largely contributed to the increased revenue of the company over the years.

As a leading provider of technology, Securus under the leadership of Rick Smith has contributed largely in keeping the society safe. Smith notes that it is through the information that the company’s technology gathers at public places and correctional facilities that law enforcement bodies can curb crime even before it occurs. The chairman also adds that numerous investigations have been completed through the information presented to law enforcement bodies by the company.

Through the company’s facilities, families can connect with each other, which would not be possible if the company did not offer such services. Moreover, inmates are kept safe too, since the company avails incriminating information to the relevant authorities. Rick Smith Securus also adds that the company is proud of the fact that it can keep everyone safe, which is the company’s way of giving back to the society through crime prevention. Apart from correctional facilities, the company also offers monitoring services for public service companies, which also helps to enhance public safety.

Through Smiths leadership, the company’s revenue has increased, and currently, it amounts to billions in US dollars. Thanks to the company’s telephone facilities, families and friends can keep in touch even when one of them is behind bars.

The chairman notes that revenue generated by the company is shared with prison and correctional facility authorities and as a result jails and prisons also get to benefit. In conclusion, Smith’s tenure has been a success for both the company and the society at large. This is expected to continue in the future years. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Andrew Rolfe And His Work With The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund is an important educational outreach for all children in South Africa, and it helps kids when they want to have a better education. There are many failing schools in South Africa that need the help fo the Ubuntu Fund, and Andrew Rolfe serves as the chairman. He has done quite a lot of work ensuring that the nonprofit would have enough money for all the children, and there are many children who are given an education they would not have gotten otherwise. This article explains how Andrew Rolfe has brought in better donations.

#1: The Donations And Stipulations

Anyone who wishes to donate to the Ubunt Fund with a stipulation is asked to give their money freely. They will find that the donations go to a number of places around South Africa, and they will learn that there are a number of different kids who are impacted by this money. Kids who are given better educational opportunities because of the Ubuntu Fund go on to college and greater success.

#2: The Reach Of The Ubuntu Fund

Andre Rolfe has ensured that the Ubuntu Fund has a much larger reach, and he knew that he could help more kids if he was to expand the charity. He wants to Ubuntu Fund to touch as many kids as possible, and he knows that kids who are given a better education will become better members of society.

#3: Coordinating Education

Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu team will hire only the best teachers to help their students, and a child who wishes to come into the Ubuntu Fund family is given the finest opportunities no matter what they need. These kids are taught in a better way, and they are allowed to leave their homes for college and beyond.

Andrew Rolfe has committed quite a lot of time and energy to the Ubuntu Fund, and he wants to ensure that every person who gives to the fund will give freely. He wants to reach kids who need an education, and he hopes they all go on to do many great things.

Best Variety Of Beneful Dog Food Sold At Walmart

Beneful wet and dry dog food can always be found at any Walmart store, whether you decide to buy the products in store or online. Purina Beneful dry dog food is sold in flavors such as real chicken, real beef, and salmon. The bags don’t vary in price based on flavor but based on the overall weight of the bag. A small 3.5 pound bag is only $5.98 and a medium bag weighing 15.5 pounds is $13.98. You can also find bags that weigh 31.1 pounds for $26.98 and a bag that contains 40 pounds for only $33.98. You usually get Beneful provides the better deal when you decide to buy in bulk.

Purina Beneful also has wet dog food sold in a variety of packing but, containing many of the same flavors and ingredients. A package aimed for smaller dogs and containing 27 three ounce cans is available for $14.98. A bigger pack of six 10 ounce tubs, however, is sold for $10.58 and an individual container of 10 ounce wet dog food is only $1.77.

At the moment, BenefulWalmart doesn’t have any coupons available online but they are offering their Purina products at a roll back price. On a regular day, you can usually find this brand of Beneful dog food cheaper at Walmart than any other stores.

The Unwavering Belief of Jason Hope in the Internet of Things

Jason Hope believes completely in the Internet of Things. He is an entrepreneur as well as a writer. He has frequently commented on the latest and upcoming trends in technology. Now he is writing extensively about the Internet of Things. This is the latest advancement in the tech industry. The articles written by Jason Hope are regarded very highly as he is considered an authority on defining the direction that the new technology is taking nowadays.

Basically, the Internet of Things is a type of connected technology. It allows several devices to be in sync with each other. It would apply to all kinds of devices. This would include devices that are in use for daily activities. This would include all kinds of kitchen appliances, even cars as well as street lights, other electronic devices and so on. Jason Hope considers it to be a trend in which all devices will be able to connect by making use of the same network. There are a lot of benefits of Internet of Things and learn more about Jason.

This way data gets shared between devices. This helps to increase efficiency as all have access to live data. Besides, this decreases waste as duplication of work is not happening. Since data is collated at one place and then shared by all, hence there is no need to collate data in multiple places. This is a big saving of time and effort and read full article.

Jason Hope explains that the Internet of Things can change the way in which businesses are operating currently. In fact, this is among the biggest advancements in technology today.

It is a highly influential thing. The largest corporations in the world will be investing in it. All the major players in the world economy will be embracing this technological advancement that is being offered by Internet of Things. As this happens, it will become imperative for the smaller companies to keep pace. Jason Hope says that this way the world will become a place in which almost all the devices will be connected with each other. Hence it will become a way of life for everyone.

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The Works of Avaaz as an Activist Network

Avaaz is a nonprofit civil organization that advocates for human rights, animal rights and promotes activism on other issues such as corruption, climate change, conflict and poverty. Recent reports have named the U.S. based organization as the largest and most powerful online activist set-up in the world. It was founded by Res Publica in January 2007 with the primary function of organizing citizens of different nations and in that way bridge the gap between the presently existing world and the world most people dream of. This would, as per Director Ricken Patel, unite the idealist of the world. Since then, Avaaz has been empowering even the slightest of voices into a powerful collective force through its internet connection.

It is through the leadership of the founding president and executive director, Ricken Patel, that Avaaz has yielded success in restoring faith in what were a corrupt government system, eradicating manipulation of foreign forces and adding nonconformist forces to the negotiation table. Such operations have been driven by the generosity of individual team players. The organization is very strict on money issues. In fact, it does not accept donations from foundations and corporations or any kind of payment above $5000. Despite this, they still have been able to raise over $20m.

The works of Avaaz have been seen in Iran during the 2009 presidential election demonstrations as it set up internet servers that would allow protestors to post videos on public websites. In Libya, its intervention in 2011 through the no-fly zone led to military support in the 2011. During the Syrian Civil War, the organization sent more than $1.5 million internet terminals to support the civil uprising. It also did an uphill task of supplying medical equipment worth $2 million, rescuing a wounded British photographer as well as sending 34 international journalists into the country.

One Of The Top Neurologists

Shiva Gopal Vasishta has made herself one of the most well respected neurologist in the state of New Jersey. People have noted that she not only provides the latest in care for her patients, but also sets precedents and gives them a new way of understanding diseases. For this work she has been recognized as one of the most prominent and notable examples of doctors going out of their way to deliver the best medicine they possible can.

What She Wants To Do

Right now, Vasishta is focused on giving people suffering from multiple sclerosis a new way of fighting for their lives with stem cells. She has discovered that giving people stem cells manages to help them avoid the many problems that have plagued them. Stem cells are currently making headlines or their ability to solve a number of diseases so it’s only natural that she also manages to find a way to give her patients a treatment plan of their own. The success she has seen allows Vasishta to give patients the care they truly need and to take their work to another elevated level.

Her Achievements So Far

When you look at the level of work she has done and the quality she delivers it’s obvious why Shiva Vasishta Gopal has managed to go so far in her career and why so many people want to follow in her footsteps. She has made herself a trailblazer and she has made it clear that she wants to do just about everything she can to bring the science and practice of neurology towards giving patients better treatment than they would generally in other places. For this Vasishta Gopal is well liked among both her peers and her patients.




Impacting Economic Growth By Providing Lending Solutions

There are many methods of positively impacting the society through economic development. The most popular one is through job creation. The other bridge toward economic development is self-employment. Self-employment is not a ride in the park if a person does not have start-up capital. Many people fear to build their brands because the cost of developing it to a dependent level can cost more than a person has planned. Equity First Holdings is providing a solution towards this challenge. Equity First Holdings is offering an easy and simple way to apply for loans. People who offer loans to start-up businesses are in it for their benefit. They are usually individuals who are in business and are looking out for their self-interest. The product at Equity First Holding is tailor-made according to the needs of the customer. People do not have the same products and the same challenges. Equity First Holdings creates products that are consumer friendly and those that will benefit the consumers in the long run.

Equity Fist Holdings create products for wealthy people in the society. Most people believe that rich people do not need economic empowerment. This is not the case here. Equity First Holding is the place for everyone and anyone who need financial aid. The primary objective of Equity First Holding is developing products that benefit the society. The company is not interested in any capital gain. It develops the riches of the people who are interested in wealth. This increases the scope of the economy of the country and makes it an inclusive society. Financial entities should produce products that are for the benefit of the click here citizens rather than products that are targeted towards exploiting people. This will create development for all individuals. Equity First Holdings has been of great impact to society.

How to Gain a Better return for Your Investment

Warren Buffet warns against investing in high-cost and incompetent funds, since you won’t get a good return back. He wagered $1 million for charity that he will get a better return by investing in a passive index fund than a group of hedge fund investors. By the looks of it, he will come out on top.

Buffet has a bottom-up investing approach that has proven to be very effective over the years and he plans to stick to it. He also advises that others follow suit, if they want to gain a good return and more information click here.

As Buffet explains, there are many mutual funds that provide poor returns because of the high management fees and excessive trading. He advises that it is best to go with good long-term investment returns and to keep costs low.

Index funds have long been believed to be a safe bet, but they don’t offer much cushion against down markets. Only about half of the 1200 surveyed investors last year were aware that index funds make them susceptible to losses during market downturns and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Buffet’s advice: it’s best to do better in the long run and to stay ahead of the crowd when the market goes down.

Timothy Armour joined Capital Group in 1983 and is now chairman and chief executive officer at the firm. He started out in The Associates program and now has 234 years of experience in the investment market.

Armour gained his bachelor’s of economics form Middlebury College and is an equity portfolio manager.

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