The entrepreneurial journey of Scotts Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is a healthcare professional with over 30 decades of healthcare experience. He joined 5AM Ventures back in the year 2003, where he held the position of Venture Partner and later became the Managing Partner in the year 2004. Scott’s healthcare and leadership exposure assisted him in being selected for various clinical trials. Before joining 5AM Ventures, Scott was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nycomed Salutar. Also, Rocklage served as Ilypsa’s Executive Chairperson among other major companies. Currently, Scott serves as the chairperson of Kinestral, Cidara, and Rennovia. Scott acquired his science undergraduate in Chemistry and his doctorate in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He later conducted his doctorate research in Richard R. Schrock laboratory. Dr. Rocklage is a proud inventor of over 100 peer studied publications and over 30 U.S patents. Mr. Scott is currently based in Boston, MA.


Scott says that his days are just unique. There are days where he spends working with the company’s managerial team while others, he will spend studying new areas in his healthcare field. Also, there are times when he spends time preparing and later attending Board meetings. Scotts works with all cadre of entrepreneurs who include physicians, scientists, and business executives. While Scott is working with entrepreneurs, he helps them in shaping their concepts into prospective medicines that will meet various unmet medical needs. One of the best trends that excites Scott is the ability to aim certain genotypes that treat cancer in unique ways. The trend is helping in prolonging and also saving the lives of numerous cancer patients. The arts of prioritization, ample time management, and calendaring are some of the key aspects that make Scott Rocklage a productive entrepreneur.


Scott states that staying close to your strengths and remain true to your business are some of the things that have helped him grow his business empire. Staying close to your strength will help you especially in challenging times. One of the most evident causes of his entrepreneurial challenges is the management issue. Scott Rocklage advises people that once you recruit a wrong manager, your goals, business structure, and performance reviews will never change the person. Hence, a wrong recruit will jeopardize your business. Once you discover you have the wrong employees on board, replace them as fast as possible to save your business.

Wessex Institute of Technology: Bridging the Gap Between Academics and Working Professionals

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a fine scientific graduate institute in southern England. Founded in the 1980s by current President Carlos A. Brebbia, WIT is well known for its impressive facilities, annual conference series, and internationally renowned publishing division.Just a few courses taught at WIT include security system integration, circular economy, air quality, and modeling for water resources management. WIT strives in all of its courses to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical engineering.

WIT has numerous partnerships with powerful universities both in Europe and South America. Some of these research partnerships include UNICAMP in Brazil, the Universita di Pisa in Italy, and the Universidad de Granada in Spain.Students from around the world come to study at WIT. After graduating, WIT alumni often teach at prestigious universities either in the U.K. or back in their home countries.The main campus of WIT is located near England’s New Forest National Park, one of the oldest natural parks in all of Europe.

Relax and Watch out Mindfulness in a School near You

One of the many challenges schools have been having in terms of both performance and behavior is being unable to regulate their student’s emotions. Now thanks to a partnership between ClassDojo, a classroom communication app company and Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, this problem is sorted out, for not only the US schools but also the world at large.


Through the short videos, children are taught how to regain their inner calmness, feelings such as empathy and ideas such as the mindset growth. According to the sampled U.S teachers who have used the mindfulness curriculum, at least 90% of them agree to the fact that a third of students who’ve used watched the videos can relate to one of the curriculum objectives.


For sure, the Mindfulness curriculum is a win for the education industry all over the world. So far the video and learning materials is accessible in 35 languages. Once the students have been able to achieve peace and tranquility in their minds, they will be able to reduce anxiety and stress levels thus concentrating well in school and life.


With the current wave of internet stress, mindfulness is the best relief we have at taking controlling of our kids emotions.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo is a classroom communication app founded in June 1, 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The company is based in San Francisco, California but has influences in more than 170 countries all over the world.


With the student, parent and teacher in mind, ClassDojo has developed a communication curriculum that seeks to empower mindfulness in and out of class thus creating a community we all will be proud of someday.

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JHSF: A Leader in High-End Real Estate Properties

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, JHSF has carved a name for itself as the leading developer of high-end, innovative and sustainable properties. The publicly traded company was founded in 1972 and has built a reputation of expanding its operations in high-end properties markets across Brazil, Uruguay and the United States. Other than Sao Paulo, the company manages and develops projects in New York and Miami as well as Uruguayan city of Punta del Este. The company also has a corporate office in New York. The company’s has several real estate and commercial projects across these cities.

Currently, the company has several high-end hotels in its management portfolio as well as several shopping centers. In addition, the company manages several luxurious real estate properties across several cities. It also manages an international business airport. Its sustainable approach to property development spearheaded by its over 1,000 highly qualified employees has seen several of the company’s projects win several sustainable development and architect awards.

Jose Auriemo Neto: Steering JHSF Towards Greater Heights

One of the primary factors that had led to the exponential growth of JHSF’s portfolio as the leading specialist in high-end real estate and commercial properties across various territories is Jose Auriemo Neto. The current chairman of board of directors and chief executive officer of JHSF is a visionary leader who is committed towards developing the company’s profile as the leading developer and manager of some of the best properties in Brazil and beyond, built using innovative and sustainable ideas. He is a highly committed leader with a hands-on approach to leadership, sometimes visiting the construction sites to oversee the progress of the projects in various locations including New York.

Jose Auriemo Neto has a keen for unique projects having founded his first company as a 17-year old. The small network of parking lots introduced him to the world of entrepreneurship and business management. He studied engineering at FAAP. As the head of the family business, Mr. Neto has steered the company towards significant success by initiating several high-end projects in several areas such as Marginal Pinheros where the company have developed a high-end complex. He has also invested in Garden City and a chain of luxurious hotels and residential buildings in Miami, New York and Uruguay.

Susan McGalla, The Eminent Corporate Executive.

Alot of women have been successful in various fields and managed to be at the top, while others are still not aware of what they should do to be successful. Previously, the women had challenges such as unequal pay and inequality something that has been addressed by the government and non-governmental organizations. Women are now getting equal pay and are board members something that was unheard of before. Women have been known to have a personality that helps them in the various roles they set out to do. The women who establish new ventures and have lead roles in the corporate world are powerful and efficient leaders who can take up any challenge.


In today’s business world, the men are not dominant but also women who become role models and help other women rise to the top. Some women are outstanding in management positions, are easy to earn trust and network. Susan McGalla is a woman who knows how to be successful, remain at the top and inspire other women to greatness. She believes in values like hard work, versatility, confidence and passion. She encourages individuals to identify their strong traits and their potential so that they can be extraordinary and achieve extraordinary results.


Susan knew that she was great and that she was the only one who could unlock the greatness this inspired her to be the best she could be as evidenced in all the positions she has worked in. She started her career in 1986 at Joseph Horne Company and served in different managerial and marketing positions. She later joined the American Eagle Outfitters and became the chief merchandising officer and the president of American Eagle brand. Her belief in work ethics and hard work saw her elevated to be the company’s president and chief merchandising officer. In 2011, she served as the chief executive officer in Wet Seal.


She is a consulting expert and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC, Pittsburg. Her expertise is in the fields of retail and clothing sector where she has advised people about product branding and merchandising, talent management and marketing. She is the director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburg Steelers a position she has served since 2015. The top corporate fashion campaigns consultant serves on the board of trustees for the University of Pittsburg , HFF Inc, and the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute. Susan McGalla is truly a role model to many and a woman of substance.

An Intersection Of Worlds: The Incredible Life of Multimedia Magnate Arthur Becker

In a recent article, entrepreneur Arthur Becker shares excitement over a real estate project and favorite painting subjects. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Arthur Becker works in New York as the Managing Member of Madison Partners. A self-proclaimed art lover, Becker is breaking ground in real estate as Becker launches a “ground-up solo development project” worth a reported 52.5 million.

Madison Partners, an investment firm specializing in real estate and Bio Tech startups, is where the 66-year-old former stockbroker shines in Real Estate, hoping to expand current real estate activity to the Florida market soon. The article reveals Arthur Becker’s true identity and less-known identity, Renaissance Man. The subjects of photography that Becker holds dear to heart are shared with readers, examples being everything from origami currency and crushed Magic 8 balls.

Having secured financial freedom by investing in tech companies in 2000, Becker continues to pursue art interests as part of lifelong involvement in the arts. Graduating with a BA in Fine Arts from Bennington College, Becker went on to complete an MBA at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Becker has conquered the Finance world and Tech Space as well. One of Becker’s early interests included a pair of new wave binoculars.

Becker continues to pursue dreams of Real Estate vision and Photography sessions. Serving as a Board Member at Zinio, Becker maintains an active online presence and can be found at various sites like CrunchBase, Bloomberg and LinkedIn. The photography of Arthur Becker is doing wonderfully with mainstream audiences, receiving positive feedback from participating gallery locations and viewers appreciating the quirky subjects and focal points that Becker is famous for using. Beckers pieces have been featured at four locations, Morgan Walker Fine Art, the Hal Katzen in NY, Arcature Fine Art in Palm Beach, FL, and the Art Basel.

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There is a Reason Numerous Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars Get Fascinated with Kabbalah

It is believed that numerous Hollywood stars are getting attracted to Kabbalah due to several reasons apart from seeking stability during chaotic and helping other people. The non-profit organization of Kabbalah Centre makes the benchmarks of Kabbalah significant and justifiable to day by day life. The Kabbalah Centre educators provide learners with profound apparatuses as to kabbalistic principles that learners can apply essentially to upgrade their own lives and consequently, enhance the world. The Center was built up by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in year 1922 and at present crosses the globe with different focuses in more than 40 urban communities not to forget its extended online presence. The center is mostly used to train Kabbalah as universe insight that comprehends religion or book of scriptures, and can be mulled over by anyone in spite of their way or faith.

Showing the information from a lineage of amazing kabbalalists, The Kabbalah Centre provides a course of study that depicts the commencement of Creation, the physical & physical laws of the world, including presence of people, and the adventure that the spirit takes. Kabbalah is an old insight that gives sensible guidelines for setting up enduring satisfaction and delight. It’s an awesome structure of advancement that thoroughly changes the way in which individuals see the world. Kabbalah is not trained as an insightful review but rather as a method for empowering individuals to have a superior world and life. Traditionally, Kabbalah was only proposed to be studied only by Jews above the age of 40. That entailed providing lessons to non-Jewish stars prior to officially changing them while in some cases it happened before they attained the proper age although that was against the tradition of Orthodox Jewish and more information click here.

With Kabbalah you will get the otherworldly knowledge that somebody needs as it holds the long-concealed keys of the world secrets notwithstanding the human soul plus heart mysteries. Kabbalistic lessons clear up the complexities of the non-material universe & substances, in addition to the physical and significant nature of all mankind. It additionally exhibits in detail the prescribed procedures to investigate that boundless scene with a particular ultimate objective to empty each sort of chaos, anguish, and pain. For a long time, the kabbalistic sages have demonstrated that every individual is conceived in this world with potential for enormity and learn more about Kabbalah.

Using the Securus Technologies Inmate System for Crime Prevention

Working in a jail is a very challenging job. The inmates are constantly looking for ways to game the system, and that means getting drugs, cellphones, or weapons into their cells at any chance they can get. My job is to try at cut off the flow of that contraband at the choke-point, and it gets harder each day trying to be successful at this job.


Over the years we have developed some basic hands-on techniques to catch the inmates with these items, including checking each visitor that walks into the jail. If we can stop the visitors from giving the items to the inmates, we have a chance of slowing down the flow. The trouble is that the people who try to smuggle illegal items into the jail would risk going to jail themselves to be able to help their brothers that are incarcerated.


For every one visitor we find with contraband, four more make it into the jail without our knowing. We have even increased surprise inspections of the cells, but the inmates are always a step ahead of our searches. When we got the word that Securus Technologies was here to update the inmate communication system, I was excited we may finally have another resource to close the gap on the illegal activities.


When I was trained on the LBS software, it really opened my eyes as to the extent that we could gather information. The first day after we began using the new system, we heard chatter between two brothers in jail talking about where they were hiding their drugs in the cell and who had cellphones for sale.


Our biggest bust with the help of the LBS software allowed us to identify top gang leaders who were forcing entry-level gang members to sell drugs in the jail, and it brought a stop to that activity instantly.


How To Find Beneful Dog Coupons

Do you want to give your dog the best food you can possibly give them? Are you looking for places to get them at great prices ensuring your dog gets the best possible health? Beneful is a wonderful brand known for their organic approach to giving dogs what they need health-wise and providing them with food that will truly improve their body. Beneful itself has many coupons ready for you to use on their website. With coupon codes galore for this brand on their site, you will definitely get those discounts in.

A great website you can also go to is Pet Coupon Source. This site has a long list of different coupons ready for you to use on your dog. You will find a long list of different options on this site because they want to help promote the different dog food brands that need help with advertising. Beneful is such a well respected brand, and getting any of their food is going to improve your dog’s health in many different ways.

The most important thing to do to find really good coupons and sales is to watch out at local stores and pet stores where pet food is sold. They are always offering different discounts and options to ensure that their products are being sold. Clearance sales are also very popular. Newspapers, online advertisements, forums, and even eBay can all give you access to coupons for Beneful food products.

Lastly, newsletters can play a big role on helping you find what you need. Newsletters at coupon sites, Beneful itself, and other pet store locations online can be great to sign up with because there will always be deals for those who are a part of their community online. This is the best brand to use, so grab a coupon and buy.

Alexandre Gama Is A Key Player In International Communications

Alexandre Gama has become such a major player in broadcasting that he was invited to become a part of the Publicis Groupe. At the only Brazilian member of their Global Creative Board, he offers a strategic position in the Latin American market. The committee only consists of the top marketing executives in the world and primarily from Europe.

The Publicis Groupe is a major multinational public relations company that originated in France. Having been operational since 1926, they are now the largest PR companies in the world. It had gained its position at the top of the market after the markets boomed after the recovery from World War 2. It also has very close ties with the French government.

Alexandre Gama had got his start into marketing after taking a copywriting position after college. His career really shined when he had become a writer for DM9. Alexandre Gama has since becomes one of the best marketing strategists in South America.