George Soros Expresses his Concerns about Trump and Global Politics

George Soros is considered as one of the most successful hedge fund managers and the thirties richest man on earth. Most of the people know him as the Chairmen of Soros Fund Management, but George Soros is also a political activist, a philanthropist, an author and a business magnet. He has been a loyal supporter of the Democratic party and American liberal political causes for which he donated billions of dollars over past few decades. Being a Hungarian refugee under Hitler’s regime, George Soros clearly understands the significance of what type of political authority is in power and how it can affect the citizens, the country, and global community. This is why; he has been actively working in shaping political regime in the USA and other parts of the world including the European Union.

However, with recent happenings in the US and the European Union, he has been deeply concerned, and he finally spoke about them in this recent articles on Business Insider. In one of his articles titled “Trump is a con man and he will fail,” Soros mentioned Trump as an imposter and a con man destined to fail. Soros had previously expressed his beliefs against Trump on several occasions as well. According to him, Trump administration has nature and intent similar to a dictatorship that would drastically impact the USA. However, he is confident that the strong US institutions on will prevail once again to prevent him and his cabinet that comprises retired generals and incompetent extremists. He also predicts that it would be a difficult situation for international trade and relations under Trump who is still uncertain about his actions.

In another article on Business Insider titled “‘These times are not business as usual. Wishing you the best in a troubled world”, he reiterated his concerns with Trump and also discussed the upcoming volatility in Global politics. He is quite concerned about recent trends in European politics as well as the European Union. George Soros has been a keen supporter of the unification of European nations through EU. But the rising anti-EU movements reinforced with Brexit and Trump’s victory has left him in doubts with the future of European Union. He firmly believes that with the rising refugee crisis and economic laggings on Politico, people need act fast if they want to save European Union as the USA will be preoccupied with its internal matter for future.

Soros has been involved with some philanthropic causes since the very beginning. George Soros serves as the Chairman of the Open Society Foundations that promotes democratization in the non-violent form in the post-Soviet states including bit not limiting to Central and Eastern Europe. Since the very beginning, he has been helping different minority groups on Forbes such as black students, migrants and so on. He has formed alliances with some the other philanthropist to support numerous causes including but not limiting to agriculture, education, infrastructure in developing nations.

The Capitol Anesthesia Association Clinical Staff Delivers the Best in Anesthetic Care

There are over 80 physicians and 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs)at Capitol Anesthesia Association (CAA) in Austin, TX. Patients can rest assured that each clinical staff member is highly trained and certified to deliver the best quality anesthesia care possible to suit their surgical needs. Each physician is either board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or they are in active pursuit of this certification. The CRNAs all have graduate level education as well as anesthesia certification. The CAA clinical staff member and surgeon work together to determine the best form of anesthetic for the patient depending upon the type of procedure that the patient will be undergoing. One of the most common types of anesthesia administered for extensive surgery is general anesthesia. In this instance, this would include chest, heart, brain, or abdominal surgery. Other anesthetic services provided by CAA includes: pediatric anesthesia, cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia, regional anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, and local/monitored anesthesia care (MAC).

Have a peek on CAA official Twitter @capanesth

Eric Pulier Has Made Changes to The World We Live in

My business has used enterprise technology for some time, and I am familiar with the creator of the technology. Eric Pulier started his enterprise work in the mid-90s, and he has influenced how millions of businesses keep in touch with their employees. I send out information to my employees every day using the technology, and I know they appreciate being in contact with me during the day. This article explains how we use Eric’s technology to make our business better.

#1: He Started With Government Systems

Eric started his enterprise business by creating a system that is used by government agencies every day. I have seen the work he has done, and I know how much more efficient it makes the government. We need that sort of technology in the business world, and we transitioned early to use the technology on our cell phones.

#2: What Was Eric’s Mission?

Eric’s work in enterprise technology has helped us remain connected, and he wants everyone to have better service when they call for help from a business. He wishes to see everyone satisfied, and he knows there are quite a lot of people who will benefit from getting information quickly. The work that was done in enterprise technology helped us send assignments to our workers, and we get responses back on each call.

#3: In The Dispatch Office

The dispatch office uses enterprise technology every day to send information to our drivers just after they are given their assignments. We send them the most-pertinent information while they are on the road, and we ensure they have received the information by taking a reply.

The service that we receive from Eric and his technology makes our business better, and we are thankful for the careful attention he pays to his work. We thank Eric for his work every day, and we know the next upgrade will be well worth it.

Pulier @

The Success of Fabletics

Of the many athletic gear choices to choose from, these luxury brands are often not affordable by every individual who wants to be active and to live a healthy life. Though expensive athletic gear and active gear is of great quality, this can cost an individual hundreds of dollars for just one outfit. With this in mind, Kate Hudson has narrowed in on this missing gap within the active gear industry and has created her own brand of clothing that is known as Fabletics and caters to women of all shapes and sizes that are looking to live an active and healthy life without having to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing.


Kate Hudson is a renowned actress who is known for the many projects that she has been a part of for the past several decades. Kate Hudson has recently decided to pursue business in order to translate her active, positive, and healthy lifestyle into the lives of others that want to follow the same path. In order to inspire women, Kate Hudson has created an excellent clothing line known as Fabletics which is very much like the name of the company suggests. As the name suggests, individuals can be active and fit while looking amazing in the process.


Kate Hudson is an inspiration to many women due to the fact that the clothing that she has created is clothing that can be worn and purchased by women of all shapes and sizes as well as by women with different incomes. What was once a couple hundred dollars to purchase for high quality gear is now a fraction of this cost thanks to the innovation as well as the ingenuity of Kate Hudson and her marketing team. Kate Hudson is not only selling a brand of clothing, but is also selling a way of living.


Kate Hudson is a mother as well as a businesswoman that is constantly on the go and understands how hard it can be to find the best outfit that perfectly combines style and comfort. As a result, Fabletics does this combination for the customer and is great to wear for any occasion and in any environment. Though this company was only founded in 2013, the clothing options have been continuously purchased by women all over the world who are now grateful to have stylish options that are high quality and that are also affordable.

Dr. Walden Inspiring Women to Join Cosmetic Surgery

Jenifer Walden is one of the boldest women in the world today. She has not only pursued a career that is dominated by men, but she has managed to be successful at it. She is rated as one of the leading plastic surgeons in the world. And, in the year 2014, the Harper’s Bazaar rated her as the 24th beauty surgeons in the world. For the past 13 years, she has been practicing cosmetic surgery alongside commentating and being an academician.



Having been born in a family of medical practitioners, a father who was a dentist and a mother who was a clinical nurse, it was expect that Dr. Walden would follow in those shoes. Jennifer Walden attended Anderson High School and later joined the University of Texas where she took her bachelor’s in Biology. Later, she was admitted to University of Texas Medical branch. However, she did have to wait for consideration, as she had been admitted on a waiting list. She worked harder than everyone else to prove that she was deserving of that opportunity, and not on a waiting list. Dr. Walden graduated with honors and her career was soon to begin.



Walden’s career began in Manhattan at the Manhattan Ear and Nose hospital. She was only one of the two candidates taken for the annual fellowship, at the hospital, that year later, she combined efforts with her instructor Sherrell Aston and together they began a practice in New York. Walden however moved to her hometown, Austin, to start her own practice. This was following the birth of her twins.


Featured Social Media Sites

She has been featured in social media sites, such as Linkedin. She is an active member, constantly posting videos of her practice, plastic surgery and general ideas in the field of medicine.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel – In Hand with the Operation Smile organization

Passion and goals are related. If you have a passion for something, then avoid unnecessary things that may come on your way when trying to achieve your goals. That way, you will hit your target. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a living testimony, who is passionate about treating patients with sleeping disorders. His passion brought him to New Jersey, slightly out of South Orange where he became the co-founder of Dental Sleep Masters. The company was founded along with his two other dentists. However, while the other affiliate doctors dealt with patients who presented with obstructive sleep apnea, the role of Dr. Avi there was to oversee the overall business growth of the company.

Before this, the doctor was the owner and a lecturer of the Unlimited Sleep Patient, a medical business venture situated in the New Jersey. While there, Mr. Weisfogel could lecture dentists on how to increase the number of patients with sleep disorders mainly through educating them on sleep as well as running sleep programs. Also in Old Bridge, the doctor co-owns another initiative, Healthy Heart Sleep. He is the reason why most physicians in the locality run sleep labs in their areas.

Dr. Avi is a normal person who has his interest and hobbies. When office hours are over, you can always find him skiing. He is also a Los Angeles Lakers and Cleaver Land Browns teams fan. How about holding tickets for the New York Ranger? Mr. Avi has always had a ticket for a New York Ranger game. Besides, he spends his down time with family and his lovely puppy.

The other side of Dr. Avi that most people do not know is that he is a philanthropist. Recently, he expressed his desire to join hands with an international charitable organization called Operation Smile, in a campaign dubbed GoFundMe to raise up to $2000. Here, he swore to steer the campaign to success.

Operation Smile is a worldwide medic aid for children. Mr. Avi believes it gives children the best of health care they deserve. So far, the charitable organization has worked in over 80 countries and here, it has helped kids with cleft lip and cleft palate to have their smiles back again. He is married with six children that are believed to have inspired him to support Operation Smile.


Lori Senecal: The Global Chief Executive Officer at CP+B

Whenever the topic of successful women in advertising and marketing are discussed, the name Lori Senecal will definitely pop up. Ms Senecal has made a name for herself in the advertising industry for her creativity and innovative leadership styles that she has used to expand and grow business to global companies. Ms Senecal is a degree holder of bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Finance. This was her stepping stone to her long and successful career path.

Currently, Lori works at the Crispin Porter + Bogusky as the global chief executive officer. At the firm, she is responsible for the management of the 9 offices of the company and ensuring that the company expands globally. Prior to this post, she was the president of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners. A company that she helped expand from having two hundred and fifty workers to more than eight hundred. Using her exceptional leadership skills, she transformed the U.S based shop to an international ad agency.

From her career journey, there is something consistent about her, which is she is transformative. In most of the organizations she has worked, she has been appointed when the companies were in need of a global entrance on At CP+B, KBS and even at MDC. She was contracted by these companies when they needed global presence and her skills have enabled her develop companies to enjoy a global competitive advantage.

When asked where she acquired these skills in an interview by Laura Dunn, she tells that her upbringing helped shape her leadership skills and the woman she is today. Being the last born, she had to work extra hard to prove to the rest of the family members that she was more than the last born. This was a critical lesson for her and has shaped the way she sees through projects from their beginning to the end.

Her talent management skills on Huffington and her ability to incorporate creativity into the leadership has made her a well sought out manager in several firms. She has also been contracted by big companies like Coca Cola, BMW and Nestle in her career. All these success can be attributed to her dedication and the extra care she pays her work.

Learn more about Lori Senecal:

Chris Burch: A Future Where Tech and Fashion are Allies

We all remember the boom box and how it revolutionized the way we listened to music. It was soon incorporated into the hip hop culture and fashion of the 80s through the 90s until the Walkman came alone and changed the game.


Since then, technology has continued to grow birthing even better innovations like pocket mp3 players and now the iPod. And as technology evolves, one other counterpart grows alongside—and it is fashion. Today, technology and fashion are two different fields that effortlessly marry into each other.


We foresee a future where both fashion and technology become highly dependent on each other—if not already. Who would have thought we’d live to see a fashionable dress that fixes your cocktails on the go? Or evening gowns that paints color on itself, matching whatever mood you want to set? Anyone would have considered this absurd, but Anouk Wipprecht made it possible by simply tapping into technology.


What about those times your Smartphone ran out of charge and you forgot your portable charger at home? Could you actually have your sweat shirt charge your phone or mp3 player as you walk? Again something we never thought possible, but there are scientists and fashion designers already working on the idea. They are tapping into kinetic energy that lays idle on our garments whenever we are in motion. This energy is being channeled into a tiny battery pack within the garment that will charge your phone when connected—no need for that power bank after all.


Then we can talk about safety and how tech is employing fashion to invent wearables that double as body protection. One such reality is the cyclist neck piece recently discovered that inflates into an air bag to protect the face and neck during a fall or the glow-in-the-dark gloves that now help firefighters communicate better in the darkness.


This is just the groundwork for a future that will unearth untold possibilities, thanks to the technology-fashion merger. Pretty soon tech will be a fully acceptable item to showcase on runway models in fashion events.


About Chris Burk


Chris Burch is an accomplished entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about tech. Chris boasts of over 40 years experience as investor and entrepreneur. He has an uncanny ability to predict consumer behavior then taps into modern technology to meet the needs of the identified market gaps.


Through his company, Burch Creative Capital, he is currently assisting in the development of a variety of lifestyle products in the retail, home furnishing and apparel industries. Chris has also made investments in other business dealing with organic foods, technology, and hospitality.

Wikipedia releases information on most edited pages for the year 2016

Since it started in 2001, Wikipedia has grown to become more than a free encyclopedia. The site has been ranked among the world’s leading nonprofit websites. Wikipedia provides information about subjects and gives them legitimacy. The site boasts of more than 5 million articles written in English. It has an active community that consists of 100,000 active contributors. The site also receives a massive 500 million unique visitors every month. However, Wikipedia has concerns about inaccuracies of its entries. It has risen above these issues to provide accurate news, background information, and history.

The company released its most edited articles as it celebrated its 15th anniversary. The page that received the most edits was that of 2016 Deaths. The page was edited close to 19,000 times in the year 2016. It featured deaths of prominent people such as Muhammad Ali, Janet Reno, and David Bowie. Donald Trump’s entry was received 8,933 on the date of December 21. The company expects that the page will receive additional edits in the coming years. According to history, presidential pages have always received thousands of edits in the years of service. George W. Bush alone has received close to 50,000 revisions.

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The team of professionals at the company is dedicated to helping you create a quality Wikipedia page. All you have to do is to contact the company, and you will get a free quote within 24 hours. Working with such a company is important as your page will hit top results. Having professionals make a Wikipedia page is by far the best way to create an online presence. It is a worthy investment for yourself and your company. The internet world out there is big, and most of it is on Wikipedia.

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Adam Milstein Values Three Cores At His Foundation

Adam Milstein is an outspoken patriot for the nation of Israel in the US, having lived in Israel for many years and learned the ancient traditions of the nation. Not only has he sought to bring awareness to political struggles and security issues facing the nation, he’s also been looking to restore ancient Hebrew texts and teachings for younger generations of Jews. He has promoted these efforts through the Milstein Foundation, and this foundation has three cores it embraces.

The first is active philanthropy, by which Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are not only giving money to the groups they support, they are personally involved with them. The second is path life impact, by which the foundation specifically targets various age groups to educate them in Jewish heritage and customs. The third is philanthropic synergy, by which Adam’s foundation seeks to partner with other philanthropists and community leaders to achieve a common goal for the support and welfare of Israel.

Adam Milstein is the son of two immigrants who moved to Israel not long after it became a nation-state in 1948. His father became a building framer and his mother a homemaker, and Adam spent time learning the family business growing up, and traveling around various cities in Israel. Adam served in the military during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and was part of the force that invaded the Sinai Peninsula. After that war was over, he returned home and enrolled at the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology. He pursued a career in business and real estate, and after marrying Gila Elgrably he started working alongside his father for several years.

In 1981, Adam Milstein and his family relocated to the US where he finished his MBA at the University of Southern California, and then began his career at Hager Pacific Properties where today he is a Managing Partner. Milstein has spoken at many pro-Israel public policy conferences and gatherings, and he has helped launch various committees including the Israeli-American Council (IAC), Stand With US, and Birthright Israel. He also supports social groups such as Stand By Me and Jerusalem U.