Alexandre Gama Is A Key Player In International Communications

Alexandre Gama has become such a major player in broadcasting that he was invited to become a part of the Publicis Groupe. At the only Brazilian member of their Global Creative Board, he offers a strategic position in the Latin American market. The committee only consists of the top marketing executives in the world and primarily from Europe.

The Publicis Groupe is a major multinational public relations company that originated in France. Having been operational since 1926, they are now the largest PR companies in the world. It had gained its position at the top of the market after the markets boomed after the recovery from World War 2. It also has very close ties with the French government.

Alexandre Gama had got his start into marketing after taking a copywriting position after college. His career really shined when he had become a writer for DM9. Alexandre Gama has since becomes one of the best marketing strategists in South America.


Jose Borghi; The Brains Behind The Creation Of Mullen Lowe Advertising Agency

Jose Borghi is the man behind the creation of Mullen Lowe Advertising agency, initially called BorgiErh. Over the years, this advertising agency has grown and developed to become one the most prominent advertising agencies in Brazil something not many people including Borghi ever thought would happen. Borghi’s works have been recognized as he has been the mastermind behind some of the most famous and high profiled advertisement in the history of Brazil advertising industry. He once masterminded an advertisement where children were featured while dressed like stuffed animals while singing one of Brazil’s folk song “Is Love.” Regardless of the fact that he created the advertisement long time ago, people in Brazil still remember the ad which proves that indeed, José Henrique Borghi is good at what he does.

His career journey was not an icing on the cake as he had to undergo numerous challenges and hurdles that helped in shaping the person he is today. To begin with, Jose was not even sure what career he wanted to pursue when he was young, but everything changed the moment his sister went with him to a screening in a local theater of one of the most prominent ads in the globe. While still there, Jose was intrigued by how some of the ads had many Lions Awards, and he promised himself that one day, he would win the accolade. Everything he saw that day intrigued him, and he decided he would pursue a career in marketing. This led to him joining Pontifical Catholic where he studied marketing.

After graduation, Jose began working, and his first job was at Standart Ogilvy, a marketing firm. As years went by, he worked in numerous adverting companies in Brazil before he decided to begin his own company by partnering with Erh Ray. They called the firm BorghiErh before Erh choose to sell his shares, and Jose called the firm Mullen Lowe. Jose believes that everything he went through helped in shaping the man he is today.