Clay Siegal And Seattle Genetics

When you think of someone who is the head of a genetics company, you might begin to believe that the person probably knows a lot about genetics. They usually do, but there is one in particular that knows a lot, but realizes and states publicly that he does not know it all. Obviously an humble man, Dr. Clay Siegal has done some fairly outstanding things for his company and cancer patients in general.

He has a passion for helping patients, particularly those with cancer. He has devoted most of his career in cancer research and the genetics surrounding cancer. He and his company, Seattle Genetics, have been in the forefront in developing new anti-cancer drugs and agents, having secured several FDA approvals in the past few years.

Before founding his company, Seattle Genetics, he worked with several other pharmaceutical companies as well as the National Cancer Institute. He has won a number of awards and has shown his brilliance in his career and research. His main reason for forming his own company was to help patients with cancer. That was his goal when he first went into research, and he has realized that dream with his patents and his research. His company is devoted into looking into and treating the genetic make up of those with cancer. That was his life dream.

He expands and grows his dream, his business, by collaborating with others who are looking for cancer treatments and medications that will benefit patients. It is through this collaboration that has led many researchers throughout this country and the world to come up with new foresight and new ideas into the field of oncology.

Having been on the board of directors of a few companies, Dr. Siegal is not a foreigner to taking the reins of an organization and adding new lifeblood into old and discarded ideas, and studying the finer parts of those ideas. He researches things, he says. With people like Dr. Siegal working for cancer patients, this is indeed a better world.