Dr. Walden Inspiring Women to Join Cosmetic Surgery

Jenifer Walden is one of the boldest women in the world today. She has not only pursued a career that is dominated by men, but she has managed to be successful at it. She is rated as one of the leading plastic surgeons in the world. And, in the year 2014, the Harper’s Bazaar rated her as the 24th beauty surgeons in the world. For the past 13 years, she has been practicing cosmetic surgery alongside commentating and being an academician.



Having been born in a family of medical practitioners, a father who was a dentist and a mother who was a clinical nurse, it was expect that Dr. Walden would follow in those shoes. Jennifer Walden attended Anderson High School and later joined the University of Texas where she took her bachelor’s in Biology. Later, she was admitted to University of Texas Medical branch. However, she did have to wait for consideration, as she had been admitted on a waiting list. She worked harder than everyone else to prove that she was deserving of that opportunity, and not on a waiting list. Dr. Walden graduated with honors and her career was soon to begin.



Walden’s career began in Manhattan at the Manhattan Ear and Nose hospital. She was only one of the two candidates taken for the annual fellowship, at the hospital, that year later, she combined efforts with her instructor Sherrell Aston and together they began a practice in New York. Walden however moved to her hometown, Austin, to start her own practice. This was following the birth of her twins.


Featured Social Media Sites

She has been featured in social media sites, such as Linkedin. She is an active member, constantly posting videos of her practice, plastic surgery and general ideas in the field of medicine.


Dr. Walden Recognized as Top Cosmetic Surgeon

Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden has recently been named as one of the top practitioners in the United States. This recognition has helped enhance her reputation as one of the leading cosmetic surgeons around. With her recent recognition as a top cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden has added yet another achievement in her career. Another form of notable recognition that Jennifer has received is by being named to the board of directors of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. With this appointment, Dr. Walden will now provide feedback about recent trends and developments in cosmetic surgery to fellow surgeons. Over the course of her career, Dr. Walden has become a published author as well as making a number of television appearances. These two activities have allowed her to inform the public about the benefits and value of cosmetic surgery.


Prior to becoming a practicing surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden attended medical school. Once she completed medical school, she would begin her training as a surgical resident. Dr. Walden would move to New York City to get her initial training. While in New York, she would receive mentorship from a number of top cosmetic surgeons. Once she completed her residency, Dr. Walden decided to start her own practice where she can treat patients on an independent basis. As a result, she had two boys and moved back home to Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden moved back the Texas in order to be close to her family and raise her two sons in a more family friendly environment. She still continues to practice cosmetic surgery in Austin.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has achieved a high level of success due to having certain personal characteristics. Jennifer is a very driven and determined individual who has worked very hard to achieve her goals. Along with being a very driven woman, she is also one of the most warm and caring people you will ever meet. As a result, she is able to put a lot of people at ease whenever they meet her. Since Jennifer has established herself as a top surgeon, she has been able to provide advice and mentorship to many aspiring female physicians.