Wikipedia releases information on most edited pages for the year 2016

Since it started in 2001, Wikipedia has grown to become more than a free encyclopedia. The site has been ranked among the world’s leading nonprofit websites. Wikipedia provides information about subjects and gives them legitimacy. The site boasts of more than 5 million articles written in English. It has an active community that consists of 100,000 active contributors. The site also receives a massive 500 million unique visitors every month. However, Wikipedia has concerns about inaccuracies of its entries. It has risen above these issues to provide accurate news, background information, and history.

The company released its most edited articles as it celebrated its 15th anniversary. The page that received the most edits was that of 2016 Deaths. The page was edited close to 19,000 times in the year 2016. It featured deaths of prominent people such as Muhammad Ali, Janet Reno, and David Bowie. Donald Trump’s entry was received 8,933 on the date of December 21. The company expects that the page will receive additional edits in the coming years. According to history, presidential pages have always received thousands of edits in the years of service. George W. Bush alone has received close to 50,000 revisions.

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