Dr. Avi Weisfogel – In Hand with the Operation Smile organization

Passion and goals are related. If you have a passion for something, then avoid unnecessary things that may come on your way when trying to achieve your goals. That way, you will hit your target. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a living testimony, who is passionate about treating patients with sleeping disorders. His passion brought him to New Jersey, slightly out of South Orange where he became the co-founder of Dental Sleep Masters. The company was founded along with his two other dentists. However, while the other affiliate doctors dealt with patients who presented with obstructive sleep apnea, the role of Dr. Avi there was to oversee the overall business growth of the company.

Before this, the doctor was the owner and a lecturer of the Unlimited Sleep Patient, a medical business venture situated in the New Jersey. While there, Mr. Weisfogel could lecture dentists on how to increase the number of patients with sleep disorders mainly through educating them on sleep as well as running sleep programs. Also in Old Bridge, the doctor co-owns another initiative, Healthy Heart Sleep. He is the reason why most physicians in the locality run sleep labs in their areas.

Dr. Avi is a normal person who has his interest and hobbies. When office hours are over, you can always find him skiing. He is also a Los Angeles Lakers and Cleaver Land Browns teams fan. How about holding tickets for the New York Ranger? Mr. Avi has always had a ticket for a New York Ranger game. Besides, he spends his down time with family and his lovely puppy.

The other side of Dr. Avi that most people do not know is that he is a philanthropist. Recently, he expressed his desire to join hands with an international charitable organization called Operation Smile, in a campaign dubbed GoFundMe to raise up to $2000. Here, he swore to steer the campaign to success.

Operation Smile is a worldwide medic aid for children. Mr. Avi believes it gives children the best of health care they deserve. So far, the charitable organization has worked in over 80 countries and here, it has helped kids with cleft lip and cleft palate to have their smiles back again. He is married with six children that are believed to have inspired him to support Operation Smile.