The Success of Fabletics

Of the many athletic gear choices to choose from, these luxury brands are often not affordable by every individual who wants to be active and to live a healthy life. Though expensive athletic gear and active gear is of great quality, this can cost an individual hundreds of dollars for just one outfit. With this in mind, Kate Hudson has narrowed in on this missing gap within the active gear industry and has created her own brand of clothing that is known as Fabletics and caters to women of all shapes and sizes that are looking to live an active and healthy life without having to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing.


Kate Hudson is a renowned actress who is known for the many projects that she has been a part of for the past several decades. Kate Hudson has recently decided to pursue business in order to translate her active, positive, and healthy lifestyle into the lives of others that want to follow the same path. In order to inspire women, Kate Hudson has created an excellent clothing line known as Fabletics which is very much like the name of the company suggests. As the name suggests, individuals can be active and fit while looking amazing in the process.


Kate Hudson is an inspiration to many women due to the fact that the clothing that she has created is clothing that can be worn and purchased by women of all shapes and sizes as well as by women with different incomes. What was once a couple hundred dollars to purchase for high quality gear is now a fraction of this cost thanks to the innovation as well as the ingenuity of Kate Hudson and her marketing team. Kate Hudson is not only selling a brand of clothing, but is also selling a way of living.


Kate Hudson is a mother as well as a businesswoman that is constantly on the go and understands how hard it can be to find the best outfit that perfectly combines style and comfort. As a result, Fabletics does this combination for the customer and is great to wear for any occasion and in any environment. Though this company was only founded in 2013, the clothing options have been continuously purchased by women all over the world who are now grateful to have stylish options that are high quality and that are also affordable.

Here’s What Internet Guru Krazy Coupon Lady Has To Say About Fabletics

With its easy method for purchasing, its stylish edge and its impressively fair prices, Kate Hudson’s subscription-based athletic fashion brand Fabletics may seem at first to be too good to be true. Now in its third year as a fashion brand, Fabletics has taken the “athleisure” fashion trend and turned it into an e-commerce empire which has since expanded into the development of several brick-and-mortar stores across the country. But are the clothes really worth the hype? Well-known blogger and savings guru Krazy Coupon Lady decided to find out for herself.


Like most of us, Krazy Coupon Lady was initially drawn to the brand because of its prices. At just $49.95 per month, users get a brand new workout outfit sent to their door, and the first month is discounted to only $25 as a courtesy. When Krazy Coupon Lady received her first shipment, an outfit picked out by the brand based on a survey she had taken upon signing up which asked her about her workout and fashion preferences, she was impressed by the high quality of the clothes. Despite the affordable prices, Fabletics pieces are made using high quality materials and construction techniques so that each outfit can endure even the most intense workouts.


After receiving her first shipment, Krazy Coupon Lady was sold. She signed up to become a VIP member, meaning that each month she would be automatically sent an outfit for just under $50 with free shipping. As a VIP member, she can log onto the Fabletics website on the first day of each month and select from a few different outfit choices picked for her based on the survey she had taken upon signing up.


It can’t be overlooked that another initial draw to the Fabletics brand is its CEO and founder, Kate Hudson. The Hollywood actress has proven herself to be remarkably business savvy, using her own image as a branding platform to turn the “athleisure” trend into a worldwide craze. Hudson’s understanding of social media has played a pivotal role in the brand’s success, while Hudson boasts millions of followers on Instagram who live to see her newest workout outfits and tips.


The quality of the products for the price she pays has left her a very happy customer, and with Fabletics making shopping for athletic apparel so incredibly convenient, it’s hard to find a reason to opt out any time soon.