Focus on Norka Luque’s Miraculous Musical Journey

Norka Luque is an American-based singer, but her origin is Venezuela. She holds a strong belief that music was her fate and takes all the events and experiences in her life as proof to her beliefs. She remains thankful that her music got the attention of Emilio Stefan Jr. as the producer has played a crucial role in making Norka a star. Emilio introduced her to the center of music world. It is no wonder he is referred to as the King Midas when it comes to music production in the inner circles as everything he touches becomes gold. The meeting between Norka and Emilio paved the way for her to record her first album dubbed “Miracle”. The album performed well in both Latino and American radio stations where it got massive airplay. The album was made successful by the team that was assembled by Emilio. It included brothers Ricardo and Alberto Gaitan, Cuco Pena, Archie Pena and Luis Giraldo.

Norka’s musical journey can be traced back to when she was a little girl when she used to take part in a number of musical competitions. She persisted with her passion throughout her high school despite the fact that she was studying something different. Her mind was still on music and this was part of the reason why she joined a local band. Norka made several appearances in a number of platforms through the band, ‘Bad Moon Rising, Funk and Rock’, and this helped her musical career a lot.

About Norka Luque

Norka Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1986. Her musical journey can be summed up as inspirational. It tells the story of a young girl passionate about music, and her journey to stardom. Norka on her part writes music that relays a positive message full of hope to her fans that could be facing a difficult period in life. Norka’s parents were supportive of her musical career by ensuring that she attended musical training lessons. The lessons include ballet, voice practice, flamenco and academics.

She went to France to undertake Business Administration studies that also included culinary arts, fashion and marketing. Her career took a turn for the better when her paths crossed with Emilio Stefan Jr. who later took her in and produced her album. Norka hopes that her music will play a role in transforming the world to become a better place.