Ken Goodrich Leads Goettl Air Consitioning Back To Success

The Goettl brand of air conditioning repair and service technicians has long been beloved in the states of Arizona and Nevada, and has seen a major period of growth under the leadership of Ken Goodrich who purchased the brand in 2013, according to AZ Central. Ken Goodrich has not only made the company a major success in his time as its owner, but he has also made a positive impact in local communities where Goettl has a presence; Goettl is the 16th company Ken Goodrich has purchased and turned back to a profitable brand and has become a major part of his life.

The Goettl brand of air conditioning repair and servicing technicians began life in the 1930s when Gust and Adam Goettl made the move from Ohio and moved to Arizona as the Great Depression took hold across the U.S. The brothers had already found success in Ohio by creating their own heating elements designed to thaw frozen pipes in the harsh Northern winters.

Over the course of the life of the company it has evolved from a manufacturer of air conditioning units to a specialist in servicing and repair. The company has always been well known for its high quality customer service that has made it a major part of the business landscape of both Arizona and Nevada.

The Goettl brand has not only risen to levels of success that have been largely unmatched in recent times, but the company has also found itself a growing part of the local community with a number of impressive donations made to local charities and good causes. Ken Goodrich believes engaging both himself and Goettl’s employees in the local community has become a major part of the reason why the company is achieving such high levels of success with highly motivated employees. Ken Goodrich has moved the focus of the Goettl brand from the bottom line to the success that can be achieved by keeping each and every customer happy in a way that respects the successful history of the company.