Chris Burch: The Founder of Nihiwatu

In the year 2012, entrepreneur Chris Burch together with James McBride purchased a beach hotel on the Indonesian island of Sumba. They spent about $30 million renovating it and in 2015 reopened it as a five-star resort and named it Nihiwatu. When he bought this beach, Chris Burch intended to make it a piece of something that he and his children can preserve and give it back to the community.


Nihiwatu turned out greater than Chris Burch expected. In 2016, Travel +Leisure voted it the best hotel in the globe. Nihiwatu is exquisite. It has 27 private villas which include Chris Burch’s private home. The home is available to guests. The section has the main house and four villas, each having its private Plunge pool. Nihiwatu is a source of income to the island dwellers since it provides employment to them. Sumba Foundation, an organization that funds projects in the local community benefit from part of the profit made by the hotel.


There is quite a large area left out for indoor and outdoor games. On the resort are two two-story tree houses. Each of the houses has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a balcony to ensure the guest gets much comfort.


Nihiwatu is not the only investment that Chris Burch has. Other brands include Cocoon9, Poppin, and Trademark. He has more than 40 years of experience in the investment and entrepreneurial industry. More than 50 companies have risen in his participation. He has made an unbeaten record of linking up innovation and impact. He has achieved this using his precise understanding of the consumer behavior.


The success of the serial entrepreneur began at Ithaca College. Alongside his brother, Chris Burch invested $2,000 and started an apparel known as Eagles Eye apparel. The company was eventually sold to Swire Group after growing up to $165 million.