Alexandre Gama Is A Key Player In International Communications

Alexandre Gama has become such a major player in broadcasting that he was invited to become a part of the Publicis Groupe. At the only Brazilian member of their Global Creative Board, he offers a strategic position in the Latin American market. The committee only consists of the top marketing executives in the world and primarily from Europe.

The Publicis Groupe is a major multinational public relations company that originated in France. Having been operational since 1926, they are now the largest PR companies in the world. It had gained its position at the top of the market after the markets boomed after the recovery from World War 2. It also has very close ties with the French government.

Alexandre Gama had got his start into marketing after taking a copywriting position after college. His career really shined when he had become a writer for DM9. Alexandre Gama has since becomes one of the best marketing strategists in South America.