What Kevin Seawright Reveals to Larry Young

Recently, Kevin Seawright of RPS Solutions LLC made waves when he championed a program for helping families get into better homes in the city of Baltimore. He appeared on the Larry Young Show for an interview about his work on a project to restore and build new homes in the city limits.

Seawright’s biggest passion is home ownership and helping people achieve that. The goal is to make sure that this housing develops, but that is also affordable for all who are buying these homes.

Dealing with first home buyers is what Kevin Seawright specializes in and has for most of his career. Every first-time homebuyer will have a unique situation and experience, but affordability is important even for the single individual.

The ultimate outcome for Seawright isn’t just to help families and singles get into affordable housing, but he wants them to get into a home that they can be proud of.

Seawright is the Founder of RPS Solutions LLC and has vast experience in the financial industry. Ideally, he would like to see the rate of home ownership get as close to fifty percent as possible. When you can get the community involved, it makes it a little easier to see the community come together on a project like new housing and renovation.

As a project management professional, Kevin Seawright has been able to quickly organize this project with local government and help families make the city of Baltimore, Maryland a better place to live.