The Best of Brazil Lawyers

Brazil was ranked third among the countries with the most lawyers in the world. India had the biggest number of lawyers followed by the United States. Brazil doesn’t have lots of lawyers because they need them, or people love law in the country. They have a big number of lawyers because there are lots of law schools in the country. In fact, Brazil has more law schools than all the countries in the world combined. This is one of the few factors that has contributed to the high number of lawyers in Brazil.


If the Brazilian Bar Examination approved all people who studied law in Brazil, Brazil could have over 3 million legal professionals. The huge number of lawyers and law school doesn’t mean there is a quality education in law. This is one of the few factors that has made the country have a high number of unapproved lawyers. However, still, the country has some big lawyers who work in and out of the country. The competition is tough in the country, and only the finest lawyers get the top jobs in the country.


Among the best lawyers in Brazil, is Mr. Tosto.  After Tosto had graduated from the law school, he started a small law firm. He has defended lots of public personalities and companies in cases known nationally. Mr. Tosto has also provided legal services like consultations and advisory for Brazilian Corporations and multinationals, politicians and also the government.


Mr. Ricardo Tosto is among the most prominent leaders and strategists in the Brazilian legal practice. He started from humble beginnings. He started in a small law firm office and went on to become one of the most experienced corporate and litigation law firm in the area. This is before he established his firm that would soon become one of the largest in Brazil. His career in law has been a resounding success and currently he is the head of his firm.