Andrea McWilliams Achievements

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most respected businesswomen in Texas. McWilliams is also a philanthropist, lobbyist and political fundraiser. She is currently the managing partner of Public Strategies Inc. The mother of three has achieved a lot in her career, and she is a role model to many women in the world.

Before started her private practice the businesswoman was serving as the chief of staff in Texas for more than ten years. She would help politicians and charity foundations in the country in raising money for noble causes in the community. Today, she partners with her husband to run her successful business. The company mostly focuses on drafting legislative and regulatory policies for clients in Texas and other neighboring areas. She has assisted many people in the Republican and Democratic parties. McWilliams is known to be a non-partisan, and she always ensures that the interests of her clients are presented.

One of the greatest achievements for the successful businessman was the approval of one hundred million dollars that was meant to acquire a coal power plant. Andrea also played a significant role in making sure that more than three billion dollars were set aside for cancer research in the region. Her achievements in the political industry are respected too. Many media houses in the US have also acknowledged the businesswoman as an experienced leader.

In 2016, McWilliams was recognized as the winner of the prestigious Woman of Distinction Award. She was also named the Texas Businesswoman of the Year Award due to her numerous achievements. The Austin under 40 Award was also given to her last year.

Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Andrea McWilliams is also active in several philanthropic activities. Organizations such as Rise Across Texas Challenge, Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Austin Children, Texas Lyceum and Crisis have enjoyed her support for several years. The businesswoman has supported the fight against cancer by funding an organization known as KillCancer. She has also been supporting the Susan G. Breast Cancer Foundation. Andrea is a member of several boards in the country too.