How Marc Sparks Will Change Your Business Perspective

Marc Sparks has founded over a dozen startups and has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of original products, but his success has not always been consistent.

Sparks is one of the few entrepreneurs who is willing to open up about the ups and downs of business and life in general. In fact, he has even written a book detailing his personal experience. “They Can’t Eat You,” is Sparks’ writing deputy and a downright honest portrayal of how C student rose to success and financial stability.

Today, Marc manages the portfolios of several private companies through his private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, L.P. Sparks takes his personal perspective to the floor at Timber Creek, noting his direct. face-to-face involvement with clients.

He has experienced loss and business failure first-hand and works to make sure that no such experience becomes that of his clients, priding himself on the smiling faces of customers at the end of the day.

Many people believe Sparks is an unorthodox businessman, and he would be unlikely to argue with the claim. He never ceases to surprise, bringing a raw and unfiltered energy to the often refined and politically correct world of business.

For Sparks, the mad methodology is what works. In his book, he offers steps called “50 Sparks,” that offer a foundation of thought for which an aspiring entrepreneur could build their budding empire upon.

Apart from his business ventures, Sparks is an avid philanthropist. He is passionate about his faith in God, and boldly notes the importance of his faith. He has spent many years helping those less fortunate than him.

His involvement in a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn has been one of his proudest achievements. Msrc has built over 10 homes through his work with Habitat for Humanity, and donates much of his hard earned money to the causes he is most passionate about.

He has found his own way and surpassed many of life’s greatest challenges and still withheld the passion with which he first started.

From C student to highly successful businessman, Sparks has maintained a humble self-image and used transparency to inspire others like himself. For those just starting out or looking for a guiding post, let Sparks be your mentor!