Billy McFarland: Follow your Passion

Billy McFarland has always had the passion for solving the problems that face humanity especially the young people. For this reason, he has managed to launch several companies. The most notable companies that he has been part of include Spling and Magnises.

Billy McFarland knows what the Millennials living in big cities require to feel satisfied. According to Billy, a young professional needs a stable career and a good apartment whenever they are working. He, however, acknowledges the difficulty that comes along with such people in the social sector. Billy was motivated by the fact that most Millennials get to know about their free time 15 minutes to the break to found Magnises.

Billy was aware of the intimidating cultures within big cities and wanted to break the monotony of hanging out with the same cliques all the time. Billy, therefore, decided to incorporate the benefits of an online social network into the real world. For this reason, Magnises brought interactivity as well as convenience and immediacy to the real world.

Billy was born in New York, New York and was eventually raised in rural New Jersey. Since the age of 13, he had a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. He established his first venture at the age of 13 which he later sold.

Billy is a drop out of the Bucknell University in Pennsylvania where he studied computer engineering for a while.

Currently, Magnises has a subscription of more than 10,000 people among whom are notable basketball players as well as successful artists, songwriters, and even actresses. The annual subscription to be part of Magnises was set as $250. In coming up with this venture, Billy was targeting young people living in New York and Washington within the age bracket of 21 and 35 years.

Billy managed to incorporate many features into Magnises which include Club pass, HotelPass as well as Magnises NOW. Billy designed Magnises to allow young people to enjoy services reserved for the old and rich.