Orthopedic Surgeon Extraordinaire Gregory Finch

Orthopedic Surgery also known as Orthopedics deals with issues involving the musculoskeletal system. Every surgeon, including esteemed Australian orthopedic surgeon Greg Finch, frequently deal with various conditions deriving from sports injuries, trauma, infections and degenerative disease.

As mentioned previously Dr. Gregory Finch is one of the most skilled and highly experienced orthopedic surgeons. He works at the Perth Royal Hospital located on Wellington Street, Perth, Western Australia. Gregory Finch specializes in adult cervical spine surgery and invasive minimal spine surgery; He attained his FRACS from Auckland University.

He is a partner of the Orthopedic Association of Australia, Australian Spine society as well as he North American Spine Society. He has also worked at The Shriners Children Hospital, Royal Orthopedic hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Perth Royal Hospital and Sir Gairdner Charles Hospital.

One of the most common procedures performed is total joint replacement. Most patients that undergo this procedure have been diagnosed previously with severe arthritis. The patient is also looking for normal range of motion and pain relief. The procedure requires the surgeon to assess the damaged part of the joint and replace them with metal and plastic replacements. These are normally shaped to restore movement and normal function.

The second procedure we will discuss will be spine surgery the specialty of Dr. Gregory Finch. There are many issues which cause the need for spine surgery. One of the main reason patients seek medical help is the associated back pain that inhibits their everyday life. The most common type of back surgery is the spinal fusion. During this procedure, the surgeon joins spinal bones together. This will eventually restrict motion of the spine and stretching of the nerves.

Though most of these procedures require multiple treatments and can be painful at times, they do offer a better quality of life.