George Soros Expresses his Concerns about Trump and Global Politics

George Soros is considered as one of the most successful hedge fund managers and the thirties richest man on earth. Most of the people know him as the Chairmen of Soros Fund Management, but George Soros is also a political activist, a philanthropist, an author and a business magnet. He has been a loyal supporter of the Democratic party and American liberal political causes for which he donated billions of dollars over past few decades. Being a Hungarian refugee under Hitler’s regime, George Soros clearly understands the significance of what type of political authority is in power and how it can affect the citizens, the country, and global community. This is why; he has been actively working in shaping political regime in the USA and other parts of the world including the European Union.

However, with recent happenings in the US and the European Union, he has been deeply concerned, and he finally spoke about them in this recent articles on Business Insider. In one of his articles titled “Trump is a con man and he will fail,” Soros mentioned Trump as an imposter and a con man destined to fail. Soros had previously expressed his beliefs against Trump on several occasions as well. According to him, Trump administration has nature and intent similar to a dictatorship that would drastically impact the USA. However, he is confident that the strong US institutions on will prevail once again to prevent him and his cabinet that comprises retired generals and incompetent extremists. He also predicts that it would be a difficult situation for international trade and relations under Trump who is still uncertain about his actions.

In another article on Business Insider titled “‘These times are not business as usual. Wishing you the best in a troubled world”, he reiterated his concerns with Trump and also discussed the upcoming volatility in Global politics. He is quite concerned about recent trends in European politics as well as the European Union. George Soros has been a keen supporter of the unification of European nations through EU. But the rising anti-EU movements reinforced with Brexit and Trump’s victory has left him in doubts with the future of European Union. He firmly believes that with the rising refugee crisis and economic laggings on Politico, people need act fast if they want to save European Union as the USA will be preoccupied with its internal matter for future.

Soros has been involved with some philanthropic causes since the very beginning. George Soros serves as the Chairman of the Open Society Foundations that promotes democratization in the non-violent form in the post-Soviet states including bit not limiting to Central and Eastern Europe. Since the very beginning, he has been helping different minority groups on Forbes such as black students, migrants and so on. He has formed alliances with some the other philanthropist to support numerous causes including but not limiting to agriculture, education, infrastructure in developing nations.