Tarallucci e Vino Will Meet Me — and You — at the Top

The greatest avenues in which to explore New York City’s diversity and entertainment are the myriad restaurants within that grand city. Hence, it is my objective to visit New York City next year. After all, it has been over a decade since I’ve been there. And when I do get there again, my objective will include visiting some of their finest dining establishments. Researching my options online has revealed numerous options. After much time deliberating, I have targeted three intriguing establishments online that I will definitely experience for my private events.

Since this will be a special vacation, I will have saved up funds so as to spoil myself in the fashion I so deserve. My journey will include a visit to Four Seasons on 52nd Street in Midtown. I plan to visit in the evening as this restaurant is very popular with the suits and business people; their name often appears on a company’s expense reports. While at the Four Seasons, a juicy steak with all the fixings, and wine, of course, will likely be my choice. I look forward to dressing up for this occasion; online photos of the decor look decadent and I plan to fit right in.

Later in the week, and to provide a cultural change of pace for my palate, my next sojourn will likely find me returning to Midtown for a visit to a fine dining establishment that draws my attention just with its name: La Grenouille. In fact, my traveling companions and I plan to take advantage of their prix fixe lunch in a private dining room. There will be eight of us; the occasion will be Just Because. Before our visit, we all plan to brush up on our French so that we will be properly pronouncing the beautiful French name of this dining venue.

Ultimately, and most importantly, I aspire to visit the popular and grand Tarallucci e Vino before I leave the city. In fact, it is an absolute must. This establishment absolutely fascinates me! Furthermore, the fact that Italian food is my favorite cuisine certainly is paramount in this decision. Indeed, Tarallucci e Vino will be the main focus of my visit.

It makes me want to go out and find a huge event to host at this location…. I can only imagine me and my group having the privacy and the decadence of a venue all to ourselves. I am going to keep in mind that some locations provide gourmet picnic baskets that can be ordered for pick up and enjoyed. Their website and Facebook pages offer tempting recipes that I will be trying at home. If Union Square’s location does not fit my needs, I can visit other locations in Cooper Hewitt, the East Village, Upper West Side, and Nomad. I can hardly wait.