How Securus Technologies Work

I discovered this myself when one of my uncles went to prison for a minor offense and was in there for several months. It truly put a strain on our relationship because I did not know how to keep in touch with them other than calling them on a telephone or by visiting the prison itself which was not conveniently located near my home. Discovering Securus was something that I feel change and save their relationship and allowed us to both grow as relatives and friends.


One of the things that sets Securus support from any other prison technology you have seen in the past is that it enables for video messaging services. What this means is that you can actually video message and video chat with your loved one or friend even if you are miles away from where they are located in prison. This has completely changed the way people are communicating with their loved ones behind bars and it is really benefiting those who are prison families who have children who need to keep in touch with their parents.


Because of the fact that this has been a technology I have used in the past, I will continually recommended to individuals who want to learn more about how to keep in better touch with loved ones in prison. You will also find it amazing to know that Securus has one of variety of awards and certificates in the past because of how well it works for prison families.


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Dishonest Acts In The Inmate Communication Sector

With a personal interest in subject of privatization of prisons, I had a realization that these compounds require their own personalized and secure telecommunication services. At first I was interested, but it makes sense. Security is always a maximum priority when it comes to this sector, but reliability is also essential. In researching how communications differ between what society uses and what inmates and prison staff utilize I found it interesting that the companies that produce these services aren’t exactly on level playing fields.

Specifically, one of the companies, Global Tel Link has recently been caught under fire for what seems to be fraudulent charges to inmates and their families by charging them extra for phone calls. Sometimes the company would add on seconds or minutes to every single call, which they obviously would charge payments per second. Additionally, there were often double charges for the same phone call. It seemed the company was aware of these actions and did not do anything until the Louisiana state commission got involved.

The dishonest acts by Global Tel Link have been highlighted by another company in the industry – Securus Technologies. Securus has shamed the company for undermining the inmate and prison community with these acts.

Meanwhile, Securus has made milestones in solidifying it’s position as a strong service provider for the U.S. and Mexico. They recently released news that they have over 84,000 active units of ‘intelligent inmate devices’ – everything from phones to video kiosks aimed to streamline inmate communication with society, provide avenues for education, and better highlight the emphasis of rehabilitation and improvement for inmates.

While traditionally incarceration has been aimed at punishment-only, Securus has made it clear they want to make it as easy as possible for inmates to educate themselves and research life choices forward for their return to society.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.