What You Should Know: White Shark Media

For those that are looking for a trusting agency that they can gather the right types of solutions in terms of online marketing, White Shark Media (aka WSM) has been a life saver. The agency has certain solutions that are specifically created for helping those that are small companies and also the compainies that are of medium size. The WSM business has made it their job to become one of the quickest growing agencies within North America in terms of digital agencies and they have succeeded a thousand times over.


The growth of this agency can for the most part be accreddited to their outstanding reputation when it comes to the creation of Search Market campaigns that are cost efficient and also can be accreddited to their customer service that has been said to be 5 star. The boutique agency the used to be their agency has now given help thousands of different companies spanned all over the Americas in terms of making their businesses grow as they should by implimenting the WSM marketing strategies for online and the help of tools used for the purpose of proprietary marketing.


One of the other tatics used by WSM is the great detail they have when it comes to traking the efforts made by the client at hand when it comes to marketing. The use of Google Analytics integration, call tracking to do with the keyword-level, software that is designed for proprietary reporting and knowledge that is competitive they are able to make sure that they are round the clock knowing everything that they need to know about their clients, their clients needs and everything to do with the project going on in order to ensure success.


2011 was the year that WSM was founded. It was founded by 3 entrepreneurs that were all Danish. They founded the agency in order to create a world class experience for all that came to it seeking guidence. They all had a lot of experience when it cam to the world of both online and also offline marketing. They had a main goal of expanding the SMB market within Latin America and in the US through the deliverence of great product and services. However, that went a little bad for them until they were able to figure out the secret ingredient. What was this secret ingredient? It lied within a few things, domestic and offshore prescence with a group of employees that is full of talent and bilingual to the fullest.