Relief At Last For The People Of Squaw Valley

After a long anticipation over potential contamination in their drinking water, the skiers of Squaw Valley finally received official communication. According to the director of Placer, Wesley Nicks, in the Department of Environmental Health in this county, three wells show zero E. coli and low levels of the Coliform present in their water at the moment. There are a total of four wells serving the Upper Mountain.

What Was The Issue?

E. coli and Coliform bacteria had been detected in the water coming from Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain. The county’s Department of Environmental Health was the first to get this report on the 8th of November.

The report was handled with a lot of concern leading to the closure of several restaurants in the region. The residents were also not left out. A ban against drinking this water was issued almost immediately.

Who would wish to drink contaminated water? It seems like there was no need for the restriction. Moving on, at least no health complications from the residents were reported. People feared that skiing would be banned as well. However, it was business as usual at the famous ski resort.

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Has The Issue Been Resolved?

Wednesday, November 30th apparently brought hope and confidence to the residents of Squaw. At 8:07 p.m. the Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney, of Squaw Valley for Alpine Meadows provided a full statement with regards to Upper Mountain water quality.

In her statement, she assured residents that they had nothing to worry about. Contaminated water had not been channeled to the public. In fact, the issue was discovered early enough during a routine checkup.

Liesl attributed this contamination to weather changes in Placer County in October. According to her, torrential rains inundated the recently upgraded water system.

Liesl assured the residents that her team was consulting with other relevant departments and together the team of water safety experts would handle the disaster. The concerned departments are Public Service District and the Environmental Health departments of Squaw Valley.

In Conclusion

In the meantime, at the Gold Coast and High Camp water usage will not return to normal. Until the issue is addressed appropriately, and the health officials give an assurance that the water is safe, the affected wells will remain closed.

However, the guests at the affected camps will not be left to suffer. Liesl assured them that they would enjoy their facilities’ full access. Bottled water for drinking will be available for free. She will also give further updates on the situation as soon as she gets a report from her team of experts.

Looking at this report, it is evident that Squaw Valley puts the interest of its residents at heart. Any other selfish organization would have dosed such water with Chlorine and released it to the public. Giving credit where it’s due, Squaw Valley deserves an honor.

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Andy Wirth – CEO of Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Resort, a ski resort known for its beauty and picaresque mountains. The resort has been around for many years providing outdoor enthusiasts the much needed thrill that they’ve been looking for.

The resort is perfectly nestled in the Olympic Valley where it offers amazing views to tourists and travelers all over the world that come to visit. Not to mention the Lake Tahoe community regulars that get to take advantage of the resort and its amenities.

Andy Wirth has worked very hard to make the resort the way that it is today. It takes constant upkeep and renovations to continue with the reputation that it holds. His most recent venture includes a gondola that is being built to connect the other resort near by.

The sister resorts will be connected via a gondola that will no only allow outdoor enthusiasts access to both resorts, but will make it much easier or them to enjoy the views and the ski slopes. The gondola is set to be completed soon while Andy works on other projects that need to be completed.

Wirth came from Germany where he was born and raised. He traveled to the United States to study his career of choice. He settled in the heart of Colorado and attended the Colorado State University. After graduating from college he made the move to Steamboat, Colorado, where he initially began his career in the resort industry.

Andy Wirth is also an avid environmentalist and supports many different types of organization within the community. He strives to make sure that people of all ages can enjoy and appreciate the environment and learn to take care of it. He is also an avid outdoor enthusiast. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth grew up in with a family that enjoyed the outdoors as well and learned that his life changed after a near fatal sky diving accident that left him in the hospital for months.