Getting To Know Thor Havlorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a 39 year old human rights activist and president of the Human Rights Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to protect human rights around the world. Based in New York and started in 2005, Halvorssen’s foundation has taken on causes around the globe. In 2010, Thor traveled to the city of Ho Chi Minh to meet and speak with Thich Quang Do, founder and patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam.

Thich Quang Do had already spent close to 30 years under house arrest after having his church banned. It took a lot of ingenuity for Thor to be able to smuggle the recorded interview out of Vietnam, and it came at a price of a terrible beating by the Vietnamese authorities.

But confrontation and dramatic encounters do not deter Thor Halvorssen. On one of his last trips to Seoul, Halvossen decided to send a message to both the South Koreans and the North Koreans by ripping up pictures of the 3 North Korean dictator’s, the Kim’s, on live South Korean television.

Despite all the adventures and causes that Thor Halvorssen can be found accomplishing , he is also considered a self-proclaimed health-nut. Taking 35 supplements daily he even has plans beyond this lifetime, being cryogenically preserved. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Born and raised in Caracas, Halvorssen’s family tree is quite interesting. Having a grandfather who worked for the Norwegian kings consul and a mother who is a direct descendent of Cristobal Mendoxa, the first president of Venezuela, Halvorssen has seen his share of injustices take place against his very own family. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

His very own father ended up in a Caracas prison where he was repeatedly tortured after exposing government corruption during his reign as a Venezuela’s drug czar and his mother was shot during an anti-Chavez demonstration. But in general, Thor Halvorssen is a lover of people. Seeking out the dissidents and defectors and anyone willing to stand up for the cause.