Securus’ Leadership in the Technology Industry Confirmed Through Customers Responses

Securus Technologies have been on the forefront in the use of technology to prevent crimes in correctional facilities across the U.S. The tech firm came in to help save the situation at a time when inmate-on-inmate and all sorts of crimes were the order of the day in these facilities. They brought with them the technological innovation and expertise, developing law enforcement products for jail and prison officials on a weekly basis.

Securus Appreciated

When crime takes root in correctional facilities, the spiral effect is felt by the officials and the families of the jailed persons. When the facilities are safe, all the stakeholders must feel safe as well. For this reason, the efforts made by Securus cannot go unnoticed. In October last year, CEO Richard Smith announced that on behalf of his team at Securus Tech, he had received letters and emails of appreciation from all over America. Securus sampled some of the messages and posted them online for their clients, potential investors, and competitors to see.

Sample Letters

One of the letters was sent from a company, which had successfully used the technology developed by Securus to identify a corrupt officer in their firm by tracing the officer’s mobile phone conversations.

Another letter from a prison official described how he tapped on a conversation between a drug dealer and an inmate, where the two were discussing on drug supplying deals within the jail. Thanks to Securus Tech, the officer successfully thwarted a possible drug syndicate within the facility.

Another officer narrated of how he had used a technology device from Securus to tap into an inmate-to-inmate conversation where two siblings who had been taken in as shooting suspects were discussing what they would say during questioning. The officer says that evidence collected will be a valuable lead that will go a long way in helping the authority to get to the bottom of that matter.