Richard Smith’s Success in the Prison Technology Industry

Richard Smith otherwise commonly referred to as “Rick” is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies and has held the position since 2008. The for-profit organization was founded back in 1986, and it delivers telephone services to most prisons and correctional facilities around the United States. To date, the company offers employment to over 1000 employees.

Richards’ previous positions prepared him well for the CEO position at Securus Technologies. For nine years, he had been the CEO of Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he had escalated the company’s revenue from less than $ 50 million to well over $ 350 million. His record was also impressive for all the positions that he had previously held. Some of the fields he had worked before in include IT, business development and finance. Visit for more info.

The 65 years of CEO did his MBA and master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Rochester, and before then, he had done his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the State University of New York. Since he became the CEO of Securus Inc., the company has invested in many technologies and patents in prison technology. These have largely contributed to the increased revenue of the company over the years.

As a leading provider of technology, Securus under the leadership of Rick Smith has contributed largely in keeping the society safe. Smith notes that it is through the information that the company’s technology gathers at public places and correctional facilities that law enforcement bodies can curb crime even before it occurs. The chairman also adds that numerous investigations have been completed through the information presented to law enforcement bodies by the company.

Through the company’s facilities, families can connect with each other, which would not be possible if the company did not offer such services. Moreover, inmates are kept safe too, since the company avails incriminating information to the relevant authorities. Rick Smith Securus also adds that the company is proud of the fact that it can keep everyone safe, which is the company’s way of giving back to the society through crime prevention. Apart from correctional facilities, the company also offers monitoring services for public service companies, which also helps to enhance public safety.

Through Smiths leadership, the company’s revenue has increased, and currently, it amounts to billions in US dollars. Thanks to the company’s telephone facilities, families and friends can keep in touch even when one of them is behind bars.

The chairman notes that revenue generated by the company is shared with prison and correctional facility authorities and as a result jails and prisons also get to benefit. In conclusion, Smith’s tenure has been a success for both the company and the society at large. This is expected to continue in the future years. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Securus’ Leadership in the Technology Industry Confirmed Through Customers Responses

Securus Technologies have been on the forefront in the use of technology to prevent crimes in correctional facilities across the U.S. The tech firm came in to help save the situation at a time when inmate-on-inmate and all sorts of crimes were the order of the day in these facilities. They brought with them the technological innovation and expertise, developing law enforcement products for jail and prison officials on a weekly basis.

Securus Appreciated

When crime takes root in correctional facilities, the spiral effect is felt by the officials and the families of the jailed persons. When the facilities are safe, all the stakeholders must feel safe as well. For this reason, the efforts made by Securus cannot go unnoticed. In October last year, CEO Richard Smith announced that on behalf of his team at Securus Tech, he had received letters and emails of appreciation from all over America. Securus sampled some of the messages and posted them online for their clients, potential investors, and competitors to see.

Sample Letters

One of the letters was sent from a company, which had successfully used the technology developed by Securus to identify a corrupt officer in their firm by tracing the officer’s mobile phone conversations.

Another letter from a prison official described how he tapped on a conversation between a drug dealer and an inmate, where the two were discussing on drug supplying deals within the jail. Thanks to Securus Tech, the officer successfully thwarted a possible drug syndicate within the facility.

Another officer narrated of how he had used a technology device from Securus to tap into an inmate-to-inmate conversation where two siblings who had been taken in as shooting suspects were discussing what they would say during questioning. The officer says that evidence collected will be a valuable lead that will go a long way in helping the authority to get to the bottom of that matter.