Chris Burch: A Future Where Tech and Fashion are Allies

We all remember the boom box and how it revolutionized the way we listened to music. It was soon incorporated into the hip hop culture and fashion of the 80s through the 90s until the Walkman came alone and changed the game.


Since then, technology has continued to grow birthing even better innovations like pocket mp3 players and now the iPod. And as technology evolves, one other counterpart grows alongside—and it is fashion. Today, technology and fashion are two different fields that effortlessly marry into each other.


We foresee a future where both fashion and technology become highly dependent on each other—if not already. Who would have thought we’d live to see a fashionable dress that fixes your cocktails on the go? Or evening gowns that paints color on itself, matching whatever mood you want to set? Anyone would have considered this absurd, but Anouk Wipprecht made it possible by simply tapping into technology.


What about those times your Smartphone ran out of charge and you forgot your portable charger at home? Could you actually have your sweat shirt charge your phone or mp3 player as you walk? Again something we never thought possible, but there are scientists and fashion designers already working on the idea. They are tapping into kinetic energy that lays idle on our garments whenever we are in motion. This energy is being channeled into a tiny battery pack within the garment that will charge your phone when connected—no need for that power bank after all.


Then we can talk about safety and how tech is employing fashion to invent wearables that double as body protection. One such reality is the cyclist neck piece recently discovered that inflates into an air bag to protect the face and neck during a fall or the glow-in-the-dark gloves that now help firefighters communicate better in the darkness.


This is just the groundwork for a future that will unearth untold possibilities, thanks to the technology-fashion merger. Pretty soon tech will be a fully acceptable item to showcase on runway models in fashion events.


About Chris Burk


Chris Burch is an accomplished entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about tech. Chris boasts of over 40 years experience as investor and entrepreneur. He has an uncanny ability to predict consumer behavior then taps into modern technology to meet the needs of the identified market gaps.


Through his company, Burch Creative Capital, he is currently assisting in the development of a variety of lifestyle products in the retail, home furnishing and apparel industries. Chris has also made investments in other business dealing with organic foods, technology, and hospitality.

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