Company Culture at Activision is Improving Every Day

The era of the good old boys club, is finding that its days are numbered. Activision Blizzard is undergoing a transformation to makeover their image and redefine the company’s culture. In order to come from under the shadows of the Securities and Exchange Commssion and other state/ federal agencies the company has reaffirmed its commitment to change.

One of the biggest changes the company has planned to make is the dismissal of its arbitration policy. Under the previous rules, employees were forced to sit with a mediator to resolve conflicts. A policy condemned by both past and current employees. With the new policy they will be allowed to sue the company directly, without mediation. To go along with this, the company has also announced that it will dismiss any employee that is found guilty of relating against anyone who files a complaint. The new regulations means that the inconsistent disciplinary actions of the past are ending.

The next change that is in the works involves overhauling the company’s hiring policy to include more women and non-binary individuals. This includes a $250 million to expand opportunities in technology and gaming in communities that are under-represented. The commitment means they are willing to build the programs that create apprenticeships and mentoring opportunities that open doors to game development jobs. One of the organizations they are looking to partner with is a Los Angeles non-profit named Women in Games International.

Activision Blizzard has also pledged to provide regular feedback and updates on the strategies it plans to put into place. While the shadow of the investigations may loom large, the company is on the right track to repair and rebuild. With plans that cover everything from a zero tolerance policy to increasing the diversity of the workforce, Activision Blizzard is a company on the move.

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