Dean Omar LLP Stand Up For What Is Right

Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP is a well respected law firm based out of Texas. They are a go to law firm for ordinary people seeking justice for what is right. Their impeccable reputation and experienced team of lawyers and professions helped them win a landmark case against Honeywell and Ford.

In the recent case, it was discovered that Honeywell and Ford manufactured brake parts that contained asbestos. These brakes were manufactured with this dangerous chemical in order to save money and increase profits. While these large companies knew the risks of this chemical, the presence of it was never disclosed to others. This resulted in a mechanic named Thomas eventually dying from exposure and health complications due to the exposure of asbestos.

Thomas sought justice for what was done to him and this lead him to seek legal representation from Dean Omar. After years of research and expert findings, Dean Omar was able to win this landmark case against the large corporations and stand up for what is right. They gave Thomas and his family a voice in the courts and helped them win 18 million dollars to help their family. Not only did this case help Thomas’ family get what they deserved, but it also helped give ordinary people a voice.

The experts at Dean Omar will always be remembered as supporting individuals and not large corporations. In the future, these large companies may think twice before putting growing net profits above the concern for human safety and health.