Eric Lefkofsky Keeps Things New And Good

When it comes to philanthropy, Eric Lefkofsky is an individual who stands in a place of his own. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz formed The Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This is a foundation that is really unique because this foundation has the goal of enriching the quality of life for individuals all around the world. Education, artistic interests and good health are fundamental rights that many people in the western world have come to appreciate. The truth is, however, that there are many people that do not have opportunities to thrive and grow in these areas of their lives. These are people that may be at a disadvantage because of their economic situation, their race, or their nationality. Eric Lefkofsky believes that all individuals should have the opportunity to have a life that is full and complete. For that reason, Eric Lefkofsky created a fund that helps individuals achieve in areas where there may be disparities. The Lefkofsky Fund works in conjunction with a variety of foundations, and they provide both voluntary and monetary support to various organizations. Take also a peek on


Eric Lefkofsky is also a super entrepreneur; he is also an individual that has a love for innovation and technology. Lefkofsky is the creator of Tempus technologies. This is a technology company that has been able to create amazing inventions for patients and doctors. The technology that is used by Tempus is unseen in other areas of medicine. The reason that Tempus technology is so unique is because it allows physicians the opportunity to personalize the care that they give to their patients. There are many different types of cancers, and each cancer may develop differently in each patient. Since that is the case, Tempus is able give molecular info about each patient through its technology. Check it here. This this technology is state-of-the-art, and the technology that is found at Tempus has been able to help thousands of people to get the best care for their cancer treatment. Eric Lefkofsky has a rich history of giving, and that is why he is a person that is very loved in his community.


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