Eric Pulier…Innovative Genius

If going by the definition of genius, which is to describe someone as exceptional intellectually or a creative power, then Eric Pulier would fit that description. Eric has been part of the creation or has created, in an innovative sense, over 15 different companies. Those are just the start-ups, he has also been part of many other ventures just seeking seed money to help get their companies started, and many of them have gone on to become successful. Eric not only has help start many companies, but it has been in the field of technology where he has succeeded. His innovative mind seems to see things before they happen, and without fear he acts on it to help bring dreams and ideas to fruition.

Eric Pulier is not lacking in education, in other words, he did not drop out of grade school and just find his way by luck through the many fortunate ventures he has started. Eric actually attended Harvard University after graduating from high school in 1984. Eric graduated at the top of his class from Harvard. Part of his education at Harvard included studies in computer science, which has helped him in being successful today in the field of technology.

By all accounts one could assume that Eric himself is a self-made millionaire, but he has helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the companies he has help create, as well as those other start-ups that just needed a boost. But for Eric it’s not about the millions, Eric is also a well renowned philanthropist. Eric spends time serving on the board of the Painted Turtle, which happens to be a safe haven summer camp for children with varying types of illnesses. He also helps impoverished or debilitated communities in the US and around the globe providing technological support to aid in those many regions. Part of those implementations have involved providing health care technologies to impoverished countries in Africa.

Eric defines nobility in the definition of genius. There are countless other ventures both philanthropically and economically that he helps to redefine on a regular basis.

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