Essential Things that PosiGen and Their Executive Neyhart are Offering Clients

PosiGen is a solar generating company striving to offer clients affordable solar power. By providing cost-effective solar power solutions to low-income neighborhoods, most of them make huge savings on their utility costs. Eventually, Thomas Neyhart points out, the money that the community saves is channeled towards different economic activities that support growth at the local level. 


The other important pillar of PosiGen’s operation is that they offer job opportunities to the residents in the communities they serve. In fact, about 65% of PosiGen’s workers are people of color and women. Currently, this solar company is led by Thomas Neyhart and is present in seven states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, and Louisiana. 


Through the PosiGen solar program, they’ve managed to provide power to over 18,000 clients. Their clients also enjoy the free installation and home efficiency improvements which help them save their money. Customers can lease or purchase their solar panels. At the moment, as Thomas Neyhart states, over 12,000 homeowners in the United States have benefited from the PosiGen leasing program. This has remained a popular option for many people because it includes energy-efficient upgrades. 

It also provides easy monthly installment payments and system monitoring. For those who prefer purchasing, the company offers a flexible financing option. Ownership comes with different advantages like free installation, one-year free monitoring, and increased home value. PosiGen was founded in 2011 by Thomas Neyhart. The company has received numerous honors through Neyhart’s leadership, including being named among the fastest-growing private companies for three years. The firm has even raised over $275 million of tax equity.