How Adam Goldenberg Became An Online Retailing Tycoon

Breaking The Mold
Online retail is a growing sector of overall commerce. As we see greater access to the internet and improved revenue models consumers are turning away from physical brick and mortar stores. One of the hardest working entrepreneurs in this domain is Adam Goldenberg. After starting off with Gamer Alliance, a company Adam later sold to the social network Myspace, he has built a variety of successful websites with his business partner Don Ressler.

Bringing Fashion and Innovation Together
The first project Goldenberg and Don Ressler worked on together was JustFab. The online retailer aims to give online shoppers the experience of personalized clothing using an online platform. Using a subscription model JustFab was able to produce one of the most successful brands e-commerce has ever seen. For $39.95 subscribers of JustFab are given selections of clothing meant to match their interests precisely.

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There is also the celebrity factor helping to promote JustFab in Kimora Lee Simmons. Giving the brand her name and likeliness she has helped to promote JustFab. Her work for JustFab extends well beyond that. Simmons makes herself available in the JustFab offices 5 days out of the week.

Take An Idea And Run With It
Taking the know how he gained from JustFab Goldenberg created Fabletics with Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. Subscribers to Fabletics are given custom athletic wear designed for their lifestyle and body. All customers need to do is pay $49.95 and fill out a survey to get athletic clothing suited to their bodies. Although slightly pricier than the JustFab model Fabletics has met success at an arguably greater level.

In an unusual twist Fabletics has given rise to brick and mortar stores selling its athletic wear. Currently there are 6 physical locations for Fabletics but there are plans to expand to 100 more locations. Adam Goldenberg is taking his success in online retail and reaching out into the physical world.

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