Innovating for a Post-Covid Economy: Bhanu Choudhrie on the Future of Innovation

In the current climate, many more new airlines are being launched each year, with more than 100 new carriers joining the global commercial aviation market over the past decade. To maintain a high level of training quality, Bhanu Choudhrie says it is increasingly necessary to offer pilots specialized training, with the most effective first-hand understanding of the aircraft. This training is now time-consuming and requires significant capital investment in expensive simulators.

Bhanu Choudhrie: There is also a need to train new pilots quickly, to meet the continual demand for pilots. While the current training programs are very effective, they are costly and time-consuming. For these reasons, commercial pilot training companies like AAG must keep pace with technological change. As the number of low-cost airlines around the world expands, training budgets for all airlines are shrinking. They must find new ways to train pilots to fly at different levels of complexity without the massive price tag and infrastructure in traditional military training demands.

These budget airlines must also take advantage of new technology in order to afford that training. Choudhrie predicts the future of aviation training will include a hybrid of old and new methods. A traditional classroom approach is set to meet high demand from airlines seeking qualified pilots. However, online learning will continue to be a major trend and will impact the development of many more career paths. Refer to this article to learn more

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that adoption of AI in cockpit displays and apps is one way of reaching an industry that has always relied on legacy training technology and decades of collective experience. AI is already playing a huge role in commercial aviation, from safety to navigation, training, scheduling and even flight planning. Bhanu Choudhrie has spent the last three decades trying to understand and grow in the shadow of globalization.

“Globalization has fundamentally changed the way people live, and I think the most important thing to understand is that it is not over,” he said. “There are very strong forces at work, globally, that really mean that there is an urgent need to come up with some ideas that will create more market efficiency, more economic growth, more opportunity for people.” As an example, Bhanu Choudhrie refers to the intellectual property that powers many of the emerging technologies that AAG works on.

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