James Dondero Continues To Fund Educational Programs In Dallas

James Dondero and his Highland Capital Management brand have become among the best known financial specialists in the Dallas-Fort Worth area because of the success that has been achieved by the company in bringing both financial and philanthropic works to the Texas area. In the Dallas area, James Dondero has become one of the most famous philanthropists providing his support for educational endeavors being explored by many not for profit groups who look to the co-founder of Highland Capital Management for fundraising options and support.


The good works completed by James Dondero very often have their basis in providing the best possible educational options for the people of Dallas-Fort Worth who may wish to obtain a quality education for their children or continue their education as an adult. Organizations that have benefited from the financial donations and publicity provided by James Dondero include the Education is Freedom group, which takes a wide ranging approach to the provision of education for at risk young people within Texas; the range of activities that have been funded by James Dondero and Highland Capital Management include providing funding for higher education courses and sourcing mentors who can often assist with internships at some of the top corporations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


The people of Dallas-Fort Worth have benefited from James Dondero’s philanthropy on a number of occasions as the University of Virginia graduate has backed some of the most innovative programs available to improve the quality of life for the majority of residents. Among the institutions to benefit from their links to James Dondero and Highland Capital Management are The Perot Museum of Natural Science that offers an interactive approach to science for children to explore.


After graduating from The University of Virginia, James Dondero began his financial career in a way that included his arrival as a major investment specialist that saw him work for American Express and Protective Life. James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management and still plays a key role in credit management investments that form the backbone of the work of the financial institution.

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