Keith Mann’s Amazing Career and Work

The hedge fund industry is not exactly none for being slow-paced. Effective hedge fund management requires a tremendous amount of work and effort. In order to effective manage the assets within a fund, very quick and informed decisions are required. Managers cannot handle all the aspects of fund-related tasks on their own. The managers require the help of executives and support staff. Keith Mann helps ensure all the right staff — from administrative to executive level — are placed in firms.


As the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has supplied a tremendous amount of top talent to the hedge fund world in New York City. In 2002, when Mann was in a lesser management capacity, he spearheaded the “Alternative Investment Practice” for Dynamics Executive Search. This new division within the company sought to direct search and placement activities within the hedge fund world. Mann knew that hedge fund businesses were sorely underrepresented in job and executive placement services.


Mann has definitely become a well-known name in the financial world. Not one to focus exclusively on business, he has used his notoriety and influence to help many charitable causes.


One very generous endeavor Mann has been involved with would be his focus on raising money for Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools runs charter schools on the east coast and has a strong presence in the New York area. The $22,000 Mann helped raise from the financial community will go towards covering student testing costs. Uncommon Schools, a nonprofit, is now able to conserve funds and better assist students.


Keith Mann will continue to support Uncommon Schools and other charities. He will also remain to assist the hedge fund industry. This assistance to business and charitable endeavors are indispensable.

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