Krishen Iyer on Making his Customers Lives Easier

Krishen Iyer talked this summer about his focus on making his customers’ lives easier. He is an entrepreneur from California who has made his own businesses such as MAIS Consulting. In addition, Krishen Iyer has sent charitable donations to places like the Make a Wish Foundation. Last summer he spoke in an interview about how to focus on your customers in order to make their lives easier. 


He talked about how studies from companies like Siegel and Gale showed that companies that help in a way that’s seamless and straightforward end up doing the best in the stock market and having the most loyal companies. The idea is that simplicity focuses on a “less is more” strategy that helps reduce complexity, giving price markdowns and doing other things to make life easier for customers. One of the ways that Krishen Iyer thinks that simplicity is important when it comes to simplifying a customer’s life is through simple and straightforward marketing. 


So, for example, advertising campaigns should choose their words very carefully within sparse, succinct messages. But should focus on one central message without adding too many concepts at once. In Mr. Iyer’s opinion, simplicity shouldn’t be destroying all complexity every time. Simplicity is all about figuring out what the customers want and what frustrates them the most, and then focusing on the most direct means available to destroying those frustrations and giving them what they need to succeed. Krishen Iyer states that it’s critically important to understand their frustrations and needs first, otherwise, you’re going to unnecessarily complicate things.