Mending a Damage Online Reputation the Professional Way

For individuals and companies that enjoy an online presence, online reputation is a critical aspect of their career. If you are a high-profile person or you run a business which solely relies on the internet and social media for marketing and profitability, you need to safeguard your online reputation at all times. More often than not, anything negative that goes onto your social media platform can be damaging to your career and business.

For most people, coping with a damaged online reputation is difficult and overwhelming. What they do not know is that with professional reputation management services from companies like Status Labs, you can restore your reputation and move past all the negativity. When you work with a professional reputation manager, you can find the source or cause of your damaged reputation. They can also help you find solutions for the problem using innovative ways that are tried and tested with other clients.

Sieve content before sharing

One of the things which your online reputation manager will tell you is that your reputation on social media is permanent. When you post anything on your social media platform, people will not forget easily. It is therefore important that you safeguard your online reputation even after it is restored. As a way forward, it is important that you choose what you post and what you share carefully.

Take time off

Another thing which your reputation manager will tell you is that when your reputation is damaged, you may need to take time off for some time. This will depend on whether the damage was grave or not. Sometimes, staying online and responding to negativity may be more damaging to your reputation and ultimately, your career. Before responding to anything, talk to your reputation manager and see what they think.


Sometimes, salvaging your online reputation is as easy as offering your audience an apology. The apology must be structured in such a way that it yields the results which you seek. When offering an apology, you must be as honest as possible. It also helps to promise your audience that you will change. If it is in relation to products or services, rebranding can also be ideal.

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