No Lie At OSI Group

In an incredible business move, juggernaut OSI Group purchased Tyson Foods and also Baho Foods. First, is Tyson Foods. For a whopping $7.4 million dollars, OSI Group bought out a plant owned by Tyson Foods in Chicago. Prior to being purchased by OSI Group, the Tyson Foods plant was in shambles.

In fact, the Chicago location was going out of business. In subsequent months preceding their purchase, Tyson Foods was steadily laying off employees. Their purchase of Tyson Foods managed to save an already failing plant.

Next, is their purchase of Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch based company specializing in snacks and simple to make foods. The purchase of Baho Foods marks a strengthened presence in Europe from the OSI Group. When they purchased Baho Food, they also purchased Baho Food’s five subsidiaries. In addition, they are located in Germany and the Netherlands. In total, Baho Food serves 18 countries in Europe.

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With the acquisition of these companies, OSI Group continues to shine. With OSI Group being a leader and highly respected in their industry, these acquisitions further solidify there place in the marketplace. As with all things associated with OSI, consumers can expect innovative new products.

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