Passion Meets Self Discipline exemplified by Edgard Corona

It is a rewarding experience after the time allocated to working out in the gym finally pays off with good physical stimulation. The experience of having incredible physical stimulation is the experience aimed by the Bio Ritmo Group. At the top leadership position of Bio Ritmo is Edgard Corona, an entrepreneur and the founder of Bio Ritmo, which is rated fourth in the world of the largest networks of gyms.

Edgard Corona is considered one of the leading names when fitness is being mentioned. He is in charge of the two organizations, Bio Ritmo and Smartfit that currently run over four hundred and eighty gyms that earned approximately R$1 billion dollars at the end of 2017.

The Bio Ritmo Chain was established in 1996 by Edgard Corona despite not knowing how the sector was run. Before establishing his company, he was working in the sugar company owned by his family as a trained chemical engineer.

The Smartfit services are currently available in several countries such as Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru and Dominican Republic. The approximate number of students enrolled with SmartFit is about 1.6 million.

According to research, SmartFit, under the leadership of Edgard Corona, has revolutionized the country’s fitness industry, forcing even the fitness market to change. From an early age, Edgard Corona displayed the spirit of an entrepreneur when he first opened a material analysis laboratory and a confectionery store which he later sold.

While still working at the family Sugar mill, he partnered with a local gym and later formed the first Bio Ritmo Academy. He believes that for a business to be successful just as its business has been, one has to experience losses and gain experiences in the process. With any business just like the gym venture, it is prudent to have a daily structure and services of excellent quality to ensure the satisfaction of all the clients.

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