PosiGen Solar: How Net Metering Works

In today’s world, with energy costs being so high, many are turning to solar power as an option to supply their home or business with the electrical energy they need to power their modern lifestyle. However, solar power can be a difficult subject to understand and there are many that are left scratching their head when attempting to understand the myriad of technologies inherent to the industry. Below we will explain how Net Metering at PosiGen works. PosiGen’s technicians come to your home or business and install the panels. 

They also install a two-directional net meter that ensures that you are given credit for the electrical power produced by your solar array. Here’s how it works. With the panels installed, your building will be powered by the electrical energy produced via the panel array. However, when your PosiGen panels are insufficient to meet the needs of peak energy demand, that additional energy will be delivered by the existing power grid. 

Conversely, when your energy demands have a surplus of available power that additional energy will be returned to the grid and you will receive a credit against your total energy usage from the grid (Bizneworleans). 

In some cases, this can even result in you receiving a rebate check from your power company when your solar array produces more than you use. During billing cycles where your system generates more energy than needed, the solar power system automatically delivers the excess energy used back to the grid in exchange for credits. These credits from PosiGen will then be applied in the form of free electricity from the grid to meet your peak power usage needs.