President, Yves Mirabaud

Yves Mirabaud is the president of Mirabaud Group, a family-owned organization. It was in 2012 that Yves got the given the mentioned role. Yves Mirabaud works closely with other partners in the management of the company. In his leadership, he has dealt well with finance and managed $37 billion as per the revenue statistics in 2021. Yves became a member of the company 29 years ago, and because of the many roles he played and his experience in the field, the family has complete confidence, choosing him to lead the company.

Yves Mirabaud studied International relations and earned a degree in that field. He did banking in various bank institutions in big cities in America, Europe, and Australia, and this was after he graduated from ‘The Graduate Institute of International Studies. He has served in various positions in Mirabaud’s branches and other finance positions in premium finance companies in Switzerland, for example, ‘The Geneva Financial Center Foundation’, Since his inception of the company, he has impacted the company making it attain more and become one of the best growing banks worldwide.

Yves became a committee member at the bank from 2000-to 2011. This role gave him the experience to serve, and in 2012 his family crowned him the position of being in charge of the operation of the family-owned bank as a ‘Senior Managing Partner.’ In January 2014, the company structurally was changed, making him acquire mandates to head the different subdivisions of ‘Mirabaud.’ Through this position, he was elected the president of all banks in Switzerland. He was made a member of most financial institutions. This is because of his versatile knowledge in the finance sector.

Yves Mirabaud leadership has been instrumental in its growth. He has done his best to represent the company in many meetings and has tried to manage the company excellently. Best services are offered to customers, and the company has expanded its growth to other countries and continents. This is because of his excellent skills and abilities in finance.

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