Rachel Nichols’ Huge Success In Sports Journalism

Rachel Nichols is an American basketball broadcaster, commentator, and analyst, one of the few female presenters for sports. She has worked for ESPN and CNN in the past. The Hollywood recently named her among the top ten most influential sports voices. She used to host “The Jump”, an NBA-focused show that runs for half an hour.

Rachel Nichols has been passionate about sports since she was a kid, despite being an athlete by talent. She says that the thing that thrills her most about reporting for sports is the unpredictability of the outcomes during matches.

Before working on TV, Rachel used to file stories for the Washington Post newspaper. That’s where she perfected her reporting skill but likes working on TV much better because the accuracy levels of the reports are much higher. She has interviewed some of the biggest sportspeople like Venus and Serena Williams, and LeBron James and Floyd Mayweather.

Rachel Nichols has gained a lot of traction throughout her career because of her boldness. She doesn’t shy away from asking her interviewee’s tough questions that would end up being controversial, like their history with violence. She does research before interviews, and if anyone feels offended by something she said about them, she encourages them to call her.

In the field of journalism, one has to master the art of being calm in front of the camera. Her toughest moment was when her colleague that she looked up to, Craig Sager, passed away ninety seconds before she went on air, and she still had to compose herself and report it live.

Rachel is a mother to two twin daughters. She hopes that they’ll get to do something they are passionate about when they grow up like she’s doing. She watches basketball for hours each day and reads about it because she loves the game. The thing she loves most about sports is the fact that it is the only thing that has brought most people together globally since time immemorial. Read more about Nichols, here.


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