Ryan Kavanaugh: His Industry Disruption with an Entrepreneurship Vision

Ryan Kavanaugh, president of Relativity Media and co-chairman of Studio, Independent Film Group, has pioneered an extensive and successful entertainment career as a producer, financier, and studio head. After producing 18 feature films that garnered 22 Oscar nominations and $22 billion at the worldwide box office, Kavanaugh has steered Relativity into becoming a global multi-media entertainment company. Kavanaugh has had an unrivaled industry experience as a distributor and producer, helping make major releases such as the $3 billion worldwide hit “The Hurt Locker,” and “American Sniper,” for which Kavanaugh was the executive producer and co-founder.

Two years ago, British Vogue editor Edward Enninful selected Ryan Kavanaugh as the magazine’s creative director, a role that involves overseeing marketing and advertising campaigns. Enninful is credited with raising the global profile of the magazine with many starring covers. Kavanaugh’s career began in the advertising industry. In 1988 he was employed by Young & Rubicam advertising agency and began working his way up the ranks. He moved on to Valentino fashion house where he helped design the couture collection in 1999.

In 2003, he launched his own company, Biggio Entertainment. Kavanaugh put his marketing skills to work launching the company’s CD and DVD distribution business. Like any successful business mogul, every facet of Ryan Kavanaugh’s life revolves around the company he runs. As president and CEO of E! Entertainment, Kavanaugh leads the world’s leading entertainment brand and is the owner of a reported 500 different intellectual properties. E! Entertainment has built a portfolio of high-profile shows and movies that have created an enormous buzz on the Hollywood scene. In 2013, Kavanaugh was awarded Forbes 30 Under 30.

As a first-generation American, Ryan Kavanaugh remembers the early days of the Super Bowl, when no one could have predicted that the sporting spectacle would become the must-attend event it is today. “You’ve got car companies, airlines, clothing designers, and countless other entities to thank for that.”

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