Short of Cash, But Still Have Equities

If you or your small or medium sized business is in need of emergency cash, and you own some equities, you might be thinking of selling the equities to raise that much needed cash. I can happen to anyone at any time, due to market fluctuations and business trends. You may be suddenly short on payroll or some other sudden disaster caused your business to go downhill.

If you attempt to borrow on your equities, you will run into problems. Some government regulations control how much can be lent on certain equities if you ask a conventional lender. A conventional lender will want a business proposal, and will want to know what the loan is for. By the time you fill out all the necessary paper work, and the funding is done, the emergency may already be over, and your business will have gone away by then.You can also visit their professional social Linkedin website : Click here.

There is a solution that is very simple, and that solution is Equities First South Africa. At Equities First, they will lend up to eighty per cent of the value of the equities, whereas conventional lenders will do only part of that. The interest rate at Equities First South Africa is far below what others with charge. There is no waiting for the funding of the loan. They will not ask what the loan is for. The collateral for the loan is the equities, not the business, and they realize that. They are a private company, and the regulations that apply to the government-approved conventional lenders do not apply.So, if you have an emergency and have equities, the best place to start is with the best, First Equities of South Africa.


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