Steph Korey On Investing, Talent, and Opportunity

Steph Korey is best known for being a co-founder of Away, a top lifestyle brand that hit the headlines in 2019. Korey, an investor, and entrepreneur, is hopeful that more women will pursue such investment opportunities, as seen in her role in Away. Away is a direct-to-consumer travel accessory retailer brand. The company has been featured in many top publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, and more.


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She believes that soon most billion-dollar companies will have women as their founders. She thinks that several factors will influence this, including the overall economic climate and the number of women in positions of power and influence. However, given the growing number of women starting their businesses, it is likely that women will find more and more billion-dollar companies shortly.

Steph Korey has a strong track record of working with early-stage businesses and is even more interested in working with women and other minority groups who don’t receive any funding. Her angel/early-stage investor approach to investment opportunities has been successful, with more than eight start-up and emerging businesses receiving her support. Steph Korey is not only focused on the financial aspect of these startups; she’s more of a mentor and advisor, which is something that many young entrepreneurs need to help them grow.

Her Romanian mother and Lebanese father cultivated Steph Korey’s multicultural outlook on business and life. This was even more pronounced in her college majors; Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at the prestigious Brown University. Korey has come a long way since she first started her entrepreneurial journey. She has learned a great deal about herself and the essential things she needs to do to succeed.

“People are more likely to invest in a company or product if they can emotionally connect with the story behind it,” Korey said. This realization has helped her hone her storytelling skills and better understand crafting a compelling narrative that engages and inspires her audience.