Susan McGalla, The Eminent Corporate Executive.

Alot of women have been successful in various fields and managed to be at the top, while others are still not aware of what they should do to be successful. Previously, the women had challenges such as unequal pay and inequality something that has been addressed by the government and non-governmental organizations. Women are now getting equal pay and are board members something that was unheard of before. Women have been known to have a personality that helps them in the various roles they set out to do. The women who establish new ventures and have lead roles in the corporate world are powerful and efficient leaders who can take up any challenge.


In today’s business world, the men are not dominant but also women who become role models and help other women rise to the top. Some women are outstanding in management positions, are easy to earn trust and network. Susan McGalla is a woman who knows how to be successful, remain at the top and inspire other women to greatness. She believes in values like hard work, versatility, confidence and passion. She encourages individuals to identify their strong traits and their potential so that they can be extraordinary and achieve extraordinary results.


Susan knew that she was great and that she was the only one who could unlock the greatness this inspired her to be the best she could be as evidenced in all the positions she has worked in. She started her career in 1986 at Joseph Horne Company and served in different managerial and marketing positions. She later joined the American Eagle Outfitters and became the chief merchandising officer and the president of American Eagle brand. Her belief in work ethics and hard work saw her elevated to be the company’s president and chief merchandising officer. In 2011, she served as the chief executive officer in Wet Seal.


She is a consulting expert and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC, Pittsburg. Her expertise is in the fields of retail and clothing sector where she has advised people about product branding and merchandising, talent management and marketing. She is the director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburg Steelers a position she has served since 2015. The top corporate fashion campaigns consultant serves on the board of trustees for the University of Pittsburg , HFF Inc, and the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute. Susan McGalla is truly a role model to many and a woman of substance.

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