Using the Securus Technologies Inmate System for Crime Prevention

Working in a jail is a very challenging job. The inmates are constantly looking for ways to game the system, and that means getting drugs, cellphones, or weapons into their cells at any chance they can get. My job is to try at cut off the flow of that contraband at the choke-point, and it gets harder each day trying to be successful at this job.


Over the years we have developed some basic hands-on techniques to catch the inmates with these items, including checking each visitor that walks into the jail. If we can stop the visitors from giving the items to the inmates, we have a chance of slowing down the flow. The trouble is that the people who try to smuggle illegal items into the jail would risk going to jail themselves to be able to help their brothers that are incarcerated.


For every one visitor we find with contraband, four more make it into the jail without our knowing. We have even increased surprise inspections of the cells, but the inmates are always a step ahead of our searches. When we got the word that Securus Technologies was here to update the inmate communication system, I was excited we may finally have another resource to close the gap on the illegal activities.


When I was trained on the LBS software, it really opened my eyes as to the extent that we could gather information. The first day after we began using the new system, we heard chatter between two brothers in jail talking about where they were hiding their drugs in the cell and who had cellphones for sale.


Our biggest bust with the help of the LBS software allowed us to identify top gang leaders who were forcing entry-level gang members to sell drugs in the jail, and it brought a stop to that activity instantly.


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